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What is Gordon Going to Give?

Dee Gordon had an excellent 2015 campaign. And he was rewarded by the Miami Marlins with a 5 year $50 Million dollar contract.

On top of that Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria presented Gordon with a diamond studded pendant that featured the Marlins logo and the number 333 which was Gordon’s batting average in 2015. That average led the National League.GordonPendant

Now Gordon is suspended for 80 games. Gordon was recently suspended after Major League Baseball found two drugs, exogenous testosterone and clostebol, in his system. He later released a statement confirming the positive test, but he said both substances were in his body unknowingly. I realize that Gordon is suspended without pay but that will cost him a measly $1.5 Million. Which is nothing compared to the $50 Million he will make over the next 5 years.

So what is Gordon going to give to the Marlins? Or to Jeffrey Loria, or possibly even to the fans? It would be nice for an athlete to give something back to their community besides an apology and an emission of guilt.

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