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The Raw Truth

Welcome everyone to a brand new wrestling article that is not afraid to tell not just the truth, but the Raw Truth about the WWE’s most popular flagship show Monday Night Raw!

ShaneStephMcMahonWe start off with 1/2 of the “Power of Monday Night Raw,” Stephanie McMahon. And in her second sentence she is interrupted by her brother and other half of the “Power of Monday Night Raw,” Shane McMahon. Stephanie presents Shane with a “peace offering” of the picture of him and his father that Vince stepped on and broke. They are then interrupted by Kevin Owens. He wants a re-match for the Intercontinental Title. Next we have Cesaro out to the ring. And the match is made Cesaro vs Kevin Owens for the #1 contender to the IT Title.

Miz and Maryse on commentary. All aboard the Cesaro uppercut train. A nice sequence by Cesaro as he hit Owens on the top rope with an impressive uppercut then a dropkick and a gutwrench suplex all off the top rope! The match ends with Owens grabbing the IT belt to hit Cesaro with it, Miz grabs it back. Then Cesaro uppercuts Miz into the barricade. That ignites Miz and he enters the match which results in a disqualification. Miz and Owens begin to beat on Cesaro. So, to even the odds, enter……Sami Zayn. It was a good way to start off Raw, and hopefully it will lead to a Fatal Fourway match for the Intercontinental Championship with these 4 superstars.

A Prince Pretty sighting! With R-Truth as his partner and Fandango as Golddust’s partner.

Breeze vs Golddust. I am not going to say anything……..but a bad comedic attempt at a wrestling match. I know what they are trying to do, but Fandango and Breeze both look lost.VaudevilliansB&W

Now we get good comedy as the New Day make their way to the squared circle. They did a great bit on Enzo. Then they are interrupted by the Vaudevillians who I am starting to like more every week. They are then interrupted by the Dudley Boys. Then Big Cass came out by himself and did really good mic work. Caos insues in the ring with everyone going after each other as we go to break.

We come back to an 8 man tag as the New Day and Big Cass face the Dudleys and the Vaudevillians. Bubba Ray Dudley is still one of the best trash talkers in the ring, and he showed it in this match. This match was a clinic between two different styles of tag team wrestling. The old ground and pound style vs the newer high flyer style. Fantastic hot tag to Big Cass and he finishes the match with a really good 90 second flurry of offense and the win.

I did not realize that Charles Robinson was “Little Nature Boy” in WCW. That adds more fuel and controversy to this rivalry.LynchVSEmma

Emma vs Becky Lynch. This is a good heel face rivalry in the womens division. Not a move missed in this match. Excellent ending to an excellent match where the heel cheats to win.

Welcome to the Ambrose Asylum with his potted plant named “Mitch” with his special guest Stephanie McMahon. We will know before the end of this segment if Jericho is again taking a break from WWE. Stephanie cancels The Ambrose Asylum and renews The Highlight Reel. Jericho adds insult to injury by breaking “Mitch” over the back of Dean’s head. Just another great chapter in another great rivalry involving Chris Jericho.

Kalisto joins everyone on commentary. Most everyone is in the ring but Titus O’Neal, Sheamus and Baron Corbin get there own entrances. Victor out Sandow out Stardust out, Darin Young then Apollo Crews next eliminated is Corbin by Ziggler. Corbin drags Ziggler out and hands a broken man to Rusev to eliminate, and he does. Commercial break. Titus O’Neal, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas eliminated quickly after the break. Sin Cara is eliminated leaving Rusev, Del Rio, Sheamus and Zack Ryder. Del Rio eliminates Sheamus, Ryder eliminates Del Rio and the winner is….Rusev. Lana then comes down to celebrate with him. WWE is slowley changing Lana’s look into a real “Diva.” I don’t like battle royals per say because they do not build rivalries they only give a match two opponents. But, they do have a few weeks to do so before Extreme Rules.

LittleNatureRobinsonRic and Charlotte Flair come to the ring with two microphones. Charlotte is getting beter on the mic every week as well. William Regal is really teaching these former NXT talents how to use a mic, and it is showing in the WWE ring. Charles Robinson comes out to simply muddy the waters a bit as he stumbles through his answers to Charlotte’s questions. Then, Nattie comes out to confront them both and even puts Ric in a sharpshooter to continue this rivalry.

It is Main Event time. But before I talk about this match, let me say this, Anderson and Gallows being in the main event of Raw after just a few weeks gets under my skin. There are tons of other talent who have been working harder, longer and deserve the main event. Unless they are doing this to add Finn Baylor to the main roster.

Roman Reins is a powerful, athletic talented wrestler, and eventhough the WWE is force feeding him to us his talent in the ring and out is really starting to show. The match itself was average at best, but the actual storyline between Gallows, Anderson and AJ refusing to use a chair on Reigns only to have the Uso’s use it on AJ I did not see coming. Then the beat down that insued is making me take interest in this Championship match coming up at Extreme Rules.

Best Match: The 8 man Tag Match

Best Mic Work: Big Cass

Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below. That is the truth, the whole and the nothing but the Raw Truth!



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