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South Side Salutations; Are the Sox Legit?

As of Sunday The Chicago White Sox are 18-8 in first place of the Al Central by 3 games over the Detroit Tigers. They are coming off a Road trip with two of the best teams in the AL East with a record of 5-2 against the Blue Jays and Orioles. They swept the Blue jays and split the series with the Orioles, it was so nice to see them doing good on a road trip with those two teams, make it seem like they are a legit team. The Sox start a three game series with the Red Sox starting Tuesday and play the Twins this weekend. A lovely home stand would be beating the Hot Red Sox two out of three, and sweeping the twin and nice 5-1 home stand would be amazing.

JohnDanksGoodbyeMost are wondering if the White Sox are a legit team and can keep contending for the rest of the year like we are now. So far we have the pitching with Sale, Quintana, Latos, and Rodon.  The defense, and the offense is starting to pick up momentum as the season goes on. The White Sox also DFAd  John Danks on Tuesday which was a shock to most Sox fans who wanted him gone because he wasn’t really helping the team win. The team says now that Erick Johnson will be the 5th starter hopefully this will be improvement over Danks. Danks pre surgery was a good pitcher he helped the White Sox win game 163 in 2008. Being a part of that game was an exciting experience and it will never be forgotten.

The White Sox are always pushed to the back burner in Chicago because of the Cubs who are also having a good year. They have a 1 game better record than the Sox. Having two teams in Chicago Contending is good talk for the fans, but neither fan base likes either team. I for myself as a fan don’t care about the Cubs, don’t pay attention to the cubs, and don’t care what they do, if they win so be it,  I only care about what the White Sox do. The Media likes to be on the Cubs bandwagon, which is fine by me let the White Sox be out the spotlight and do their thing and not have any media spotlight be the underdog that nobody cares about just like in 2005. In 2005 we snuck up and won everything which will be an amazing feat to see happen again. If the White Sox and Cubs Continue on with what they are doing, there will be two teams in Chicago that will be in the playoffs, should be fun.

As a fan I don’t want to see a World Series between the two because it will be absolute horror to be a Sox fan and the Cubs win by beating us. We would never hear the End of this and it will suck.  White Sox are a Legit team, we have seen they are trying to make this team better by DFAing Danks. I feel in my bones that they are a special team and they will be there after game 162.

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