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NBA Playoff Round 2 Preview



1)Cleveland vs. 4)Atlanta

Now you see what the fuss was all about on trying to get 3rd place? Now, the Hawks have a task bigger than a task. It is not however impossible, it just doesn’t feel likely Atlanta can walk away with this series. The Hawks found the rhythm in their last 2 games against the Celtics, and with Cleveland having 8 days off, they might be able to catch in the Quicken Loans Arena if they’re not careful. It would be a big “might”. Best “D” (Hawks), against best “O” (Cavs).

Series Outcome: CLE wins 4-2

Toronto Raptors even up the series at one with a 100-95 win over the Brooklyn Nets in game 2 of their first round playoff series

2)Toronto vs. 3)Miami

This will be a series to watch! Lowry against Wade, Valanciunas against Whiteside! This series will be fast, and physical, and let’s remember that a good chunk of the Raptors offense comes from free throws, if Whiteside can’t stay on his feet, the Heat could have some trouble. Joe Johnson has come alive, and will have a chance to punish the smaller guards if he sees the mismatch in the backcourt. Bismack Byombo will have his hands full in the paint, but is capable of the challenge.

Series Outcome: TOR wins 4-3




Damian Lillard pic

1)Golden State vs. 5)Portland

We all know how Portland got here, but let’s be honest, if the Warriors make the series look like the way they did game 1 (especially without Curry), this series will be short. The backcourt of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum just doesn’t feel like enough to keep it close, and will definitely need more from the bench when called upon. Something that the Warriors will have to be careful of is not playing 1 dimensional from beyond the arc. Portland is capable os stealing 1 however.

Series Outcome: GSW wins 4-1

Aldridge pic

2)San Antonio vs. 3)OKC

It was a tough 1st game for the Thunder seeing the Spurs set playoff records in many categories. The bounce back I believe won’t come back until they make it back to “Loud City”. Even then, alternating wins won’t be able to save the role players of the Thunder against the Spurs deep roster.

Series Outcome: SAS wins 4-2


Who do you think is on their way to the Conference Finals from both sides? Comment below!


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