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Brewers Week in Review: 3 Up 3 Down

Brewers Week in Review: Three Up Three Down

Opponents for Week: @ Cubs, VS Marlins

Record for Week: 1-4

Three Up:

ryan-braunRyan Braun – Braun recorded three hits in 12 at bats in the weekend series over the Marlins. He also contributed a pinch two run double in Tuesday’s loss to the Cubs. Braun continues to swing at a .349 batting average with five homers and 20 RBI’s. He is one of the center pieces in the Brewers offense and one of their better sources of run production.

ChrisCarterChris Carter – Carter smacked two home runs in the Brewers offensive outburst and lone win of the week. Carter continues to carry a batting average of over 50 points over his career batting average. Carter has also shown reasonable plate discipline drawing 11 walks in the first month of the season.

Triple Play: Friday night as the Brewers were being no hit deep into the late innings fans were given a small memory from the Brewers defense. In the 5th inning of Friday night’s game the Brewers turned the seventh triple play in team history and first since August 15th of 2011. After allowing back to back singles to open the inning, the Brewers starting pitcher was able to generate a ground ball to third base. The ball was fielded by the third baseman who stepped on the bag before throwing to second. The second baseman caught the throw, stepped on second and fired to first, just beating the runner down the first base line to finish the triple play.

Three down

The reason the record for the week was poor rests squarely on this pitching staff.

Inability to keep the ball in the park: The Brewers allowed a single home run in the final game against the Cubs during the week. Followed by two more on Friday against the Marlins followed by four on Saturday and another one on Sunday. So that adds up to six home runs in five games. The Brewers faced two decent to good offenses these week but the starters have to do a better job of keeping the ball in the park.

Photo by; Roy Dabner

Photo by; Roy Dabner

Taylor Jungmann: Jungmann finally bought himself a ticket to the minors after his recent poor start this week against the Cubs. He was again unable to clear the fourth inning of his start. He allowed 6 hits and five runs. He departs to the minors with a 0-4 record and an unsightly ERA of 9.15. Jungmann has a delivery that is tough for opponents to pick up but it is also difficult for him to be consistent with and replicate on an every delivery basis. The Brewers need to leave him in the minors until he is right.

Walks: It is quickly becoming expected that this pitching staff is going to allow somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 hits on a nightly basis. Some of that are hitters placing balls where fielders are not and some of it is poor pitch execution and location. While the hit totals are somewhat hard to regulate, the walks are a matter of focusing and executing properly. The walk totals put together by the staff this week are unacceptable and must be lowered. The walk totals of the staff this week were as follows: 6, 11, 4, 9 and 2. The only win of the week was the two and that is not a coincidence. Walks equal longer innings, higher pitch count totals, shorter starts, greater innings for the bullpen and having to deal with the meat of these line-ups more frequently and more often in games. If people continue to get hits off the staff at this volume it will be essential for the walk numbers to be reduced dramatically and quickly. The walks do not lead to anything positive for anyone on the Brewers pitching staff. The volume of walks is basically beating yourself. The Brewers pitchers must make opposing hitters beat them and stop giving away free bases to opposing offenses with high walk totals.

Bottom Line: The offense is actually being productive enough to win games but they are constantly playing from behind and that goes on the rotation. The starting rotation must get deeper in games and do a better job of giving the Brewers a chance in games.

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