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Living near Los Angeles it’s hard not to get sucked into fandom. The Dodgers hold a special place in the heart of Los Angeles sports fans. Having only watched baseball for about 2-3 years it’s all new to me. I need your help Dodger fans! Let’s make this as interactive as possible. I’ll jot down my thoughts you tell me where I am wrong. I am not opposed to the criticism, I welcome lively conversation. That being said let’s get into a few things I have seen this year from our Los Angeles Dodgers.mlb_scully_01


How can Mr. Scully not be one of the biggest stories this year? After announcing that this would officially be his last year as an announcer for the dodgers it feels like the Dodgers are losing a little piece of who they are. Vin Scully has been announcing for 67 seasons dating back to the Brooklyn days. Vin brings a little piece of sports history to every game he calls. Changing the name of the street on which Dodger stadium lies, is only a small tribute to what is one of the most legendary sports casters in history. Heard a little nugget about Vin just the other day. He has never had a Dodger dog.


Dave Roberts:

DaveRobertsThe change Dave Roberts brings to the club house in comparison with Don Mattingly is tremendous. I am not comparing their coaching styles rather, the energy they bring to the team as a whole. Obviously Donny baseball is one of the best but I think that Roberts is a better fit for this team. There is still a whole season ahead to see if Roberts is the guy, but for now he seems to be the change of pace the Dodgers needed. All of this will be for nothing though, if the Dodgers don’t perform in the post season.



kenta-maedaCome on the kid has been playing light out. I will have to be honest, when I heard the Dodgers signed Maeda I was unsure how to react. One thing is certain over the past two years it seems that both Farhan Zaidi and Andrew Friendman know exactly what they are doing. Most of the acquisitions they have gotten (or contracts that have not been renewed) have been solid. Maeda has been killing it this year and looks to be a solid starter. After letting Greinke walk there was a lot of confusion as to who would be the next man up. I doubt Maeda keep his ERA as low as it has been the whole season, but I do think he can be a solid starter for the Dodgers.

All in all the Dodgers seemed poised for a playoff run but with this caliber team is it enough? The expectation of a world series title looms over their head. With one of the best ace pitchers in the league and one of the most consistent batters in the league, much is expected of them. Every year seems to be the same story, a good regular season and some sort of collapse in the playoffs. I hope for everyone’s sake the story isn’t the same. The Dodger do have young promising talent in Seager, Pederson and other guys but I guarantee you, this team is not playing for the future. The goal is a world series and quickly. In a town that is used to winning, I am sure we all hope the Dodgers get back to the pinnacle of the sport, and soon.

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