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The Raw Truth

Hartford Connecticut starts off with Shane McMahon, and shortly thereafter we also get Stephanie McMahon! And she announces that this is the last night Shane will be running Raw. Then she says Vince will decide at Payback who will be running Raw for good.

1st match will be AJ Styles vs SheamusAJvsSheames

Sheamus comes out to his old music and not the League of Nations music. Sheamus looks like a pasty white One Man Gang who is in shape. A really good back and forth match with Styles coming out on top with the phenomenal forearm.

OHHHHHH Hartfard, don’t you dare be sour….you know the rest. The New Day are interrupted by The Vaudevillains right after their Prince reference who are then interrupted by Enzo and Cass. Then “Twiddle G” says he wants to run down the beach into his own arms. Funny stuff. But…New Day still rocks.

Next is The Usos vs Gallows and Andersongallows-anderson-4-620x350

Another long good back and forth match with Anderson and Gallows coming out on top with the magic killer. A&G kept beating the Usos after the match. Then, as expected, Roman Reigns cleared the ring.

There was a great piece on the rivalry between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Zayn vs Rusev

First, Lana comes out with Rusev looking like a worn out hooker. Rusev also came out to his old music, not the League of Nations music. I know they want Zayn to look strong, but come on. Zayn beating a man the size of Rusev with his heart and soul? Try reality WWE.

Apollo Crews vs Stardust

Crews wins in a shorter match, that was fast and full of fun moves. This could be a great rivalry if they keep the Dusty angle going. And it may even spell the end of the Stardust character and a possible tag team of these two. Alright, I am dreaming now, WWE will never do that, it would make to much sense.

JerichovsStylesDean Ambrose comes to the ring and delivers the best promo of the night so far ending with asking Jericho to come to the ring. These two have natural chemistry, for a rivalry that I hope goes on for more than one pay-per-view. The segment ended with Jericho slapping the walls of Jericho on the announce table.


Natalya vs Emma

Very short match with Natalya winning with a sharpshooter. Followed by a nice tribute video to Chyna.

What….Dameon Sandow? Oh, wait he is going to be the sacrificial lamb for the Lone Wolf. But no, Dolph Ziggler attacked Corbin from behind, and the match never even happened.

It is time for Miz TV! Another great promo from two people who did not come from NXT.

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio

ReignsvsAJThe crowd is just not buying Reigns no matter what WWE tries. Another decent match with a predictable ending. Gallows and Anderson appear on the Ramp, Reigns still wins. G&A attack but AJ Styles comes to the ring to tell them to stop attacking Reings. Reigns then Superman punches AJ Styles, and takes out Gallows and Anderson. AJ comes off the top rope with a phenomenal forearm that leaves Reigns laying as AJ’s music hits and Raw goes off the air.

THE RAW TRUTH; this was a 3 hour edition of Raw that had more NXT than Raw. I like some of the new talents, but ease them into the WWE not give them the spotlight. The WWE already has a number of superstars that are talented and are never seen on television as it is without giving all these new talents seemingly there own show.


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