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NFL Report Card: San Francisco 49ers

Our NFL report card for the 2015-2016 season will be assigning a letter grade to each of the 32 teams and offering an explanation why that grade was chosen. After the evaluation, we will point out one specific area the team will need to address this off-season. Want some extra credit? Comment down below what grade YOU would give the team, and tell me on Twitter (@FantasyFlurry) your thoughts on the team’s report card for that day!blaine-gabbert

They are who we thought they were. After what seemed like all of their good players leaving in the off-season, coach Tomsula and the 49ers did what they could with what they had. They even found a way to win five games thanks mostly to the opposing kickers! Colin Kaepernick was a disaster, so he was eventually replaced by Blaine Gabbert. This news shocked the world because nobody was aware that Gabbert was still in the NFL. He ended up performing fine, still better than Kaepernick. The only offensive player 49er fans were hopeful for, Carlos Hyde, only played seven games due to injury.

The defense was very inconsistent. The veterans played well, but the newbies (excluding rookie Arik Armstead) struggled. This group was second from the bottom in turnovers with only twelve. Because they struggled to force turnovers, the team as a whole finished -5 in turnover differential. Defensively, they also gave up the fourth-most yards per game with 387.4. There are some talented players on this defensive unit, but not enough quite yet. Don’t worry 49er fans, I’m sure Chip Kelly will turn this defense right around!

Final Grade: D

Biggest Off-Season Needs?

One need the 49ers had they have already somewhat addressed: the offensive line. They signed guard Zane Beadles to a three-year contract, but they will need more assistance than that. The biggest question mark right now is not the offensive line, but who they will be blocking for. It is not a secret that the organization fully regrets the massive contract they gave Kaepernick, and he is not open to negotiating a different one. This basically makes the team stuck with him, so either Chip Kelly will have to become the offensive guru again, or they need to somehow get a replacement. They have not done much on the defensive side of the ball. The 49ers still need to improve their defensive line and corners more.

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