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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night was the special Sacrifice edition of Impact Wrestling, which had a heavily stacked card. What stood out on this grand edition? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact!

  1. EC3vsMikeBennettLadies and gentlemen, the streak is over. After 30 months of being unpinned and never submitting, Ethan Carter III was defeated by pinfall by Mike Bennett. You know, I knew that Bennett would be the one to end that streak, but it would have been less excruciating if it wasn’t so flukey. The pinning combination looked more like a botch than an actual move. Obviously, this is just the latest sign of Bennett’s eventual push to the World Title; however long that takes. The next few weeks (or months) will definitely tell the story.
  2. Roode&YoungSacrifice marked the last TNA appearances of long-time regulars Bobby Roode and Eric Young. As we all read last month, Roode and EY announced their departures from TNA, so of course, both men dropped their titles on last night’s program, which was taped in advance last month. Regarding Roode, he and James Storm dropped the tag titles to Decay, while EY lost the King of the Mountain Championship to former partner Bram, in a match made after the duo split in last week’s episode. Regarding where they’ll go from this point on, Roode was actually shown at NXT Takeover:  Dallas on April 1, sparking rumors that he’s WWE bound. Nothing on EY yet, but even so, if Roode goes to WWE, he’ll be the forth former TNA original and former TNA World Champion to jump ship to WWE in under a year’s time. The other three:  Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Austin Aries. Fifth if you count James Storm’s brief dalliance in WWE.
  3. EliDrakeFactofLifeEli Drake’s “Fact of Life” segment had me in stitches last night. Everything from the “dummy button” to Eli’s attire to the BroMans donning glasses a la the Dudleys was just so hilarious! I’ve been a fan of Eli Drake since his Championship Wrestling From Hollywood days under his real name, Shaun Ricker, and I was elated when he debuted for TNA around this time last year. He has that KOTM briefcase, so we know one title is in his future. Hopefully a World Title is in his future as well.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week is the fallout from Sacrifice! Until then!

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