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Hawks vs. Celtics: Seem Familiar?

Does the Hawks vs. Celtics playoff series kind of remind you of a similar event of matches that took place before? I feel as if I must be the only one. Without further ado let’s flashback to my point shall we?


ZaZa vs. KG pic

Remember this? I sure do! It was the moment that re-sparked this play-off curse that has for decades cursed the Hawks. The real fire behind it all, was that the Celtics being the title favorites that year all because of their big 3 (Ray Allen, KG, and Paul Pierce), believed they could march into Phillips Arena and take another 2 games from the Hawks. Of course we all know, they had it all backwards when the Hawks fought back, and eventually stole 3 games from Boston, they never saw coming. Flash to now, many people from Atlanta were ready to call for a sweep given the fact the Hawks took 2 games away from Boston. In “Beantown” however, Atlanta couldn’t get it done, and now the series is tied 2-2.paul-millsap-nba-boston-celtics-atlanta-hawks

If you missed game 4, Paul Millsap exploded for 45 pts and 10 rbs. The first to score that many in a post season game since Dominique Wilkins in ’88. However, due to last second mistakes, and poorly executed plays, Coach Bud and his ball club came up short. The Hawks still have home court, but don’t forget, it was stripped in 6 games in their previous match-up with the Celtics in 2012. This series is really about to bring out the best in both teams, because through all the missed calls, and cheap shots from both sides, it’s clear from sides, its now personal.

Keep an eye on the rest of this series. If you have any comments on the Hawks or Celtics, comment below!


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