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Brewers Week in Review: 3 Up 3 Down

Opponents for Week: @ Twins, Phillies

Record for Week: 3-4

ChrisCarterThree Up:

Chris Carter: The Brewers first baseman was excellent this week. Carter had hits in eight of his 24 at bats for the week. He had more RBI’s in the week (7) then strikeouts (6). He also hit two of his five home runs on the season. The Brewers were hoping that Carter would develop into a more consistent offensive player with more consistent playing time. So far that question is answered with a yes as Carter has a batting average 75 points in the early going of this season compared to his career batting average. The production he is production he is providing has no doubt been a welcome surprise.

Ryan Braun: The numbers Braun is posting thus far this season are being hidden as the Brewers record remains below 500 but make no mistake this Ryan Braun is the equal to the 2011 Braun who won an MVP and was the centerpiece to an offense that led the Brewers to a NLCS appearance. Braun posted a batting average for the week of .520 (by going 13/25) on the week. Braun also drew five walks on the week to go with eight RBI and two homers. Braun and Carter have formed a productive middle ScooterGennettof the order through the first three weeks of the season.

Scooter Gennett: It was another solid offensive week for the Brewers second baseman. He recorded seven hits in 28 at bats and scored a productive eight runs on the week. He also hit his fourth home run of the season in Sunday’s victory over the Phillies. He needs to get on base for the guys behind him to knock him in. It is a simple formula that has led to production in the Brewers offense.

Three Down:

The pitching: had a rough week all the way around so instead of naming particular players, I am going to pick three topics that cause problems for the staff this week:

Walks: In the seven games this week Brewers pitchers issued walk totals of 1, 6, 3, 9, 1, and 0. While the issue corrected somewhat late in the week, these walk totals simply cannot be this high. It provides teams free base runners and also leads to and compounds the other issues the staff faced this week.BrewersHatJersey012616

High numbers of hits allowed: The walks were compounded by a high number of allowed hits. The staff allowed the following number of hits this week: 14 (in a rain shortened six inning game), 8, 12, 11, 10, 13, 10. That is 78 hits in seven game or over 11 hits per game. Add those first two negatives together and it is no surprise at the third negative of the week.

Lack of innings from starting pitchers: This should not be a huge surprise but Brewers starting pitchers this week lasted 5, 5, 6.2, 4, 6, 4, and 6 innings. This rotation remains in the bottom five in baseball in total innings pitched and also maintains one of the highest ERA’s of any starting staff in baseball. All three areas must improve in drastic fashion or the bullpen will risk being burned out before the calendar even flips to the summer months.

Bottom line: The last thing this pitching staff needs or likely wants is exactly what it will get – a visit to the top offense in the national league and one of the best records in baseball – A trip to play the Chicago Cubs for the first time this year. If the Brewers want to win a game in Cub land the pitching will have to be unquestionably better.

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