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Smack Talk; A Review of Smack Down

WWE continued its international tour in the United Kingdom this past week.  While many matches were geared toward pleasing the international crowd, every match furthered the current storylines.  However, we did see many superstars contribute to entertaining moments this past week.


Miz with Maryse v A.J. Styles

Let me start by saying, this was my favorite part (or parts) of the show. It began with MizTV, starring Maryse, featuring A.J. Styles. This was very entertaining, as Miz began accusing A.J. Styles of a planned attack on Roman Reigns on the previous episode of Raw. Reigns was jumped by Gallows & Anderson, while A.J. watched from the entrance ramp.  Miz & Maryse were so good in this segment. Miz channeled his inner Tom Cruise, from A Few Good Men, as he bellowed “Tell the Truth!”  Then he & Maryse exchanged a Leia/Han Solo moment when they said to each other, “I love you….I know.”  A.J. ended the segment by attacking Miz, which led to a fantastic match between the two later.

Their match had a great back & forth between the two, with no one wrestler holding momentum very long. This was characterized by an outstanding double cross body in the middle of the ring by both competitors. There were typical offensive moves such as The Phenomenal Forearm, Calf Crusher, & Ooshi Garoshi.  (No idea on the spelling of that)  There were also classic wrestling moves like DDT & Figure 4 leglock. True mixture of classic & new age.  Maryse has also been a nice addition to Miz’s character.  Whether it’s keeping him in wrestling character or acting character, interacting in role play, or just her reactions during his matches, I am really impressed with her contributions thus far. She captured a lot of camera time in the match, as she reacted with emotion throughout this match. Ultimately, Miz tried to walk out of the match. He was met by Gallows & Anderson on the entrance ramp.  This led to Styles hitting 2 Phenomenal forearms, the first outside of the ring & the second inside of the ring, for the win. Later, a backstage interview with both Gallows & Anderson revealed that they would be making their in ring debut on Raw in Hartford. They also denied any collusion with A.J. Styles involving his matches.


Sami Zayn & Dean Ambrose v Y2J & Kevin Owens

These 4 competitors have been in a wrestler’s quarrel for quite some time now. Sami v Kevin being the longest obviously. There’s no love lost between Dean & Kevin, either. This week’s confrontation began with a backstage interview, featuring both Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn. The two bantered about their frustrations on a combined tag team name. This funny segment led us to their match against Y2J & Owens. These matches are great to watch, as all 4 are really shining in their respective roles. Zayn & Dean looked strong for a while in the match, but both teams gelled well together. Owens began heel commentating the match, while he was still involved in it!  The match ended as Dean was tripped off the top rope by Y2J, landing on the ropes where no man wants to land. Owens rolled up Dean for the 3 count & began to celebrate after the victory.  He yelled, “I BEAT YOU!”  Then looked at Jericho standing next to him & said, “Chris helped…BUT I BEAT YOU!”      Bravo.

Everything Else

That’s exactly what it felt like…everything else.  The rest of the show had matches that only furthered the current storylines, heading into Payback. Baron Corbin attacked Dolph Ziggler before their match ever started….and it never did.  There was a Kalisto v Ryback rematch from WrestleMania for U.S. Championship. Kalisto won again. Natalya & Paige teamed up to defeat Naomi & Tamina via double submission.  Fandango lost to R-Truth, with Goldust as the special guest referee. Finally, we had a segment involving the Vaudevillians debating Enzo and Cass.  These two teams are set to meet at Payback to decide the number one contender to The New Day.  It would be classic WWE booking to have the Vaudevillians win at Payback, so that’s probably what will ultimately happen.

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