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The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to the first edition of The Lucha Lowdown, which takes a look back at the previous episode of Lucha Underground!

DragoVsAerostar3The show started with Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar in Dario Cueto’s office. Cueto reminded the trio that they were partners in last year’s Trios Championship Tournament, and back then, Drago and Aerostar were not the best of friends. Despite the two being on better terms now, Cueto decided not to pair Fenix with them, instead opting to align the former Lucha Underground Champion with two guys he’s had problems with:  Jack Evans and PJ Black (the former Justin Gabriel in WWE).  As for Drago and Aerostar, Cueto decided to have them fight each other for one of the Aztec Medallions, and that match was the first of the program. Both warriors gave their all and fought hard, but in the ended, Aerostar emerged victorious and is now the owner of one of the Aztec Medallions.

Johnny-Mundo-TayaWe now cut to a segment featuring Taya (who I am loving more and more) and Johnny Mundo, who was practicing his moves. Taya informed Mundo that Cueto realized that he never got the chance at an Aztec Medallion last year, and he will get a medallion this year…provided that he beats his nemesis, Cage, in a match next week. Mundo was confident that he’d beat Cage again, because he’d have Taya with him. About that, Taya mentioned this added caveat:  the match will take place in a steel cage.

Next up was the Trios Tournament Match, pitting Fenix, Jack Evans, and PJ Black against Catrina’s Disciples of Death, the former Trios Champions. Of course, Catrina’s history with Fenix (which dates back to the heart of Season One) was mentioned, and of course, Catrina would love to have her minions destroy Fenix. However, not only did the Disciples lose their match, it was Fenix who got the pinfall win! More on them a bit later.

We now move on to the Trios Champions themselves, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico, in Cueto’s office. Cueto mentioned that when he formed the Trios Tournament last year, the three of them HATED each other, but they banded together to win the titles. He later threw the champions a curveball, well, two curveballs. One, they would be in the tournament as well, and two, the tournament is for the Trios Championship, not a championship shot as Son of Havoc thought. Cueto informed the champions that they will receive a bye straight to the finals.

MatanzaAs for Catrina, the villainess was fuming over her Disciples’ loss, and was even more infuriated that Fenix got the pinfall win. She demand to give the trio one reason why she shouldn’t destroy them, and it was at that moment that Muerte ripped out the hearts of both Trece and Negro. Catrina came out alongside Mil Muertes for the main event Lucha Underground Championship contest between him and Matanza Cueto. As expected, it was a monstrous bout between the two super-heavyweights, and even had some physical involvement from Dario Cueto and Catrina. It would end just as monstrous, with Mil Muertes putting Matanza through Dario’s office, resulting in a no contest. This is NOT OVER!

That is the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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