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Total Diva Fallout (Season 5 Finale, Part 2)

Welcome to the last Total Diva Fallout of the season, which will recap the conclusion of the Season Five Finale from last night.

EvaMandyTotalDivasOf course, Part 2 featured the fallout from Part 1, which ended with Mandy Rose upset at Eva Marie for “ditching her,” as she called it. In Part 1, Eva Marie went bike riding with the Bella Twins, and Mandy felt slighted and upset that she wasn’t invited. Eva Marie explained herself, saying that she knows how Mandy feels because she experienced being isolated from her peers and she spent a long time making amends to the other women, especially the Bellas. Honestly, I was upset that Mandy basically didn’t really accept Eva Marie’s apology, which, IMO, Eva Marie didn’t have to do. Whatever Mandy felt or is feeling, she needs to just get over it.

BabyJordanRosa Mendes had her baby, Jordan Elizabeth Schubenski, but even with that came family drama, as Rosa’s mother stopped talking to her. The reason? Religion. Rosa stated that she wants to allow Jordan to choose her religious beliefs when she’s older, which prompted some ugly words from Rosa’s mother, which I will not repeat. Rosa stated that she’s focusing on being a good mother to Jordan, and her words on the program were the first bit of true strength she’s shown.

Of course, the true main story was Nikki’s injury and the news that she would require surgery. As we all know, Nikki underwent successful neck surgery in January 2016, and despite the fact that doctors are telling her that she can’t wrestle full-time, she still wants to come back. Seeing Nikki upset at the possibility of her career being over really broke my heart, but I truly think that Nikki needs to hang it up, just like her sister did two weeks ago. The Bellas are entrepreneurs; heck, they’re celebrities. They will be just fine without WWE. And proof of that aired before the finale faded to black. The new spin-off of Total Divas, titled Total Bellas, will debut on E! in October. News of this broke on Sunday when it was reported that WWE trademarked the term “Total Bellas,” and it was confirmed the next day on Raw.

NikkiBellaSurgeryThat’s all from the fifth season of Total Divas, and as many fans have heard, there will be many changes to Season Six. For one, Maryse, Lana, and Renee Young will be part of the cast, while Mandy Rose, Rosa Mendes, and Alicia Fox will be off the show. It was reported over WM weekend that Lana and Renee would be part of the cast, and with Renee always being shown, I figured it was a matter of time before she became an official cast member. It was reported that Maryse’s return to WWE on April 4 was because she’d be joining Total Divas; in fact, she was shown filming with Eva Marie during the aforementioned weekend. In another change, Naomi will be back again on Total Divas, marking her third official stint as a cast member.

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