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South Side Salutations; Offensive Struggles are Back

The White Sox struggles have come back this season, The White Sox collectively have had trouble scoring runs. They had just 39 runs through Sunday, which is just a shade over three per game in an 9-5  start.

ToddFrazierChicagoWhiteSoxvLosAngelesvEeShZxWBhKlAdam Eaton’s .356 average leads the club in hitting. Avisail Garcia is still struggling at the plate as usual he has been striking out often. His spring training was good and we were hopeful his new batting stance would help him, but right now he is pressing and hasn’t been hitting well. Frazier entered Monday’s series against the Angels stuck in an 2-for-20 slump over the last five games, and he admitted he’s not thrilled with the numbers right now. Frazier finally came out of it in Tuesdays game where he had some hits which one was a HR to take the lead in the game.

“If I told you it didn’t bother me, I would be lying to you,” the 30-year-old Frazier said. “It is something you never really want to go through in any profession. Maybe I’m putting too much on myself. I am not thinking about the long run and just trying to understand my swing. I have not had four strikeouts in a long time.”   I am hoping after Tuesday’s outing that he has snapped out of his slump and will roll on with this offense. I am so happy with his defense, he has been doing some good defensive plays which we have not seen in a while. It’s nice to have some good defense and not have to worry about errors screwing us up.

AdamEatonAdam Eaton who has been the leader of this offense said “We do have a lot of potential here. I think everyone in this clubhouse knows that. We are not worried at all. We know our pitching staff is good, they are certainly showing that. We also know he can hit. We will show that eventually.” Which thankfully on Tuesday they scored 5 runs to end their 3 game skid.

So far the pitching has been the hero of this team Tuesday night Mat Latos who we got for a bargain, pitched a gem and is now 3-0 and with Chris Sale getting his job done like always the only Pitcher who isn’t doing great is John Danks. Carlos Rodon had a really bad outing Monday night only 1/3 of an inning which made the bullpen pitch the whole game. I am not worried and Rodon just yet one bad start I have faith he will come back stronger his next start. That is the telling part after an outing like that, we need him to bounce back. Jose Quintana has been pitching well just hasn’t had the offense behind him like in past years unfortunately.  “The pitchers have been carrying us,” Frazier said. “It has only been 12  games, but they have been doing their job. We (the offense) need to step it up a little bit. We know what we are capable of, but we haven’t been showing it.”  I am hoping after tonight the offense wakes up and can start a new streak and get back into 1st place.

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