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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night’s Impact Wrestling was explosive to say the least! What stood out the most? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact!

  1. Without question, the explosive battle of the Hardys made the biggest impact of the show, especially with how it ended, with Jeff’s Swanton Bomb towards Matt through a table outside the ring. We all knew that this would be brutal; the Hardys always go all out, whether they’re together, against other teams, or killing each other, which they’ve done in WWE. When the dust was settled, at last, there were no winners, no one said the words “I Quit,” and Matt Hardy was carried away on a stretcher. An explosive ending to an already explosive Impact Wrestling.
  1. The program kicked off with the Knockouts Ladder Match, which saw Gail Kim abducted by Decay, who would later use her as a bargaining chip to get a Tag Team Championship shot, but that’s not the subject. The subject is that Maria Kanellis, the ultimate schemer, won the Ladder Match, and is now in charge of the Knockouts Division. Lord only knows what evil Maria has planned for the KOs, and as she later stated after her victory, during her celebration with husband Mike Bennett, she does plan on changing the KOs Division starting next week.
  1. Drew Galloway was looking for a fight from Lashley after his attack on the champion last week. Instead, he was rudely confronted by Rockstar Spud, with Tyrus following. Tyrus, once again, reminded us that he has a World Title opportunity waiting for him, and since Drew wasn’t cleared to compete this week, he challenged Tyrus for next week’s Sacrifice special. Drew vs Tyrus serves as the main event of an already stacked Sacrifice special next week, and after Drew deals with Tyrus, Lashley should be next.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week is Sacrifice! Until then!

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