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OTOGH: Positives and Negatives Rafael Palmeiro

I would like to ask you, the reader, if I can write about something different, The biggest negative of all time in Texas Ranger History, the positive steroid test of Rafael Palmeiro. I hope you will indulge me for a few moments, it is very personal to me as a Rangers fan, and a baseball fan in general.large_mcgwire-congress

To say I was angry  is a gross understatement. I wanted to take my bat and beat the crap out of a water cooler. In the steroid era of baseball until him, it was way over there in St. Louis and Chicago its wasn’t in Arlington, TX it was not at the Ballpark in Arlington. Jose Canseco and his tell all book were making the rumors swirl and I didn’t believe it.  Jose Canseco was wrong and his book was wrong. My Texas Rangers were not bad guys, certainly none of my Rangers were cheaters.

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For this Ranger fan it was a nightmare!  My childhood was shattered. I felt dirty and cheated. How could he do this to me! To the Rangers and to baseball! Where is my bat?! Where is the water cooler?! Rafael Palmeiro was Mr. Ranger he had a permanent spot on 1st. He was the end all be all of Ranger baseball, you can not talk about the history of the Rangers and not talk about RAFAEL PALMEIRO. No I didn’t beat any water coolers but I did violently rip the poster from my wall and tore it into pieces making sure I ripped up his cheating face. Then the grief started.

jose-canseco-court-jpgThere it was the positive test. Was it all a lie? How long? and the question everyone asks but there is no real answer WHY? I started to think about everything he said or did, I was proud that he went to Washington and stood up for himself but then the test …so was that a lie too?  For me what was worse was I now lived in the world where Jose Canseco was right.

Now I have strong feelings about the Steroid Era, none of them deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and I do not like any of them being coaches or managers or in the front office. Then I read this from Fox Sports The Rise and Fall of Rafael Palmeiro After 11 years I was still heartbroken, I was still mad. As I read the article, I saw something in myself in Rafael Palmeiro, he was heartbroken and he was mad at himself. In the last 11 years he has punished himself in an self imposed exile. No one should live their life like this. My heart broke but in a completely different way, As I read the words the love I had for Raffy, came back and the anger melted away. He never asked for an apology he didn’t need to, he was a man who had lived with the remorse of a bad decision. I don’t speak for all Ranger fans only this one. Come back to baseball Raffy, I miss you. Come back to the Rangers. Just come back!

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