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Welcome everyone to a brand new wrestling article that is not afraid to tell not just the truth, but the Raw Truth about the WWE’s most popular flagship show Monday Night Raw!

Tonight Monday Night Raw is from London England where the crowd will be rompus and loud. Michael Cole gives the introduction and the music of Dean Ambrose fills the arena to cheers from the crowd it contains. We soon realize it is time for the Ambrose Asylum. The homemade sign, $2.00 potted fake plant and the 4×7 carpet remnant is a good touch to the gimic of the show. Shane McMahon is Dean’s first guest. Big crowd pop! Then Kevin Owens comes out, who is by far the best heel going currently in WWE. Very predictably they are followed by Sami Zane and Chris (the 2nd best heel) Jericho. Shane, who is still in charge with a story-line that makes about as much sense as when Kane could suddenly speak without an instrument being held up to his throat, makes 2 matches for Payback that we all saw coming in Jericho vs Ambrose and Owens vs Zane. I figured we would see a tag match involving the two heels vs the two faces, but instead the heels and faces simply switched opponents and we come back from the commercial break with Jericho vs Zane.

For all you young kids, the stupid Kane gimic did give us this great ROCK moment.

Zane needs to hit the gym a little more. But I must say Zane makes the hop from the 2nd to the top rope look effortless. Decent opening match showing some moves from Zane and a veteran move from Jericho to get the win.

I am really looking forward to this old school vs new school rivalry with Enzo and Cass vs the Dudley Boys. I hope the WWE does this right.

Allowing Enzo and Cass to win was right, but I would have liked to see them shake the Dudley’s hands after the match with the Dudleys refusing. I hope this rivalry is not over. I assume Enzo and Cass will face New Day at Payback and it should be payback for the Dudley Boys as they interfere in that match and cost the new team the shot at the titles.

Next we have Roman Reigns making his way to the ring. The crowd chants boring, and out comes AJ Styles. Then Anderson and Gallows attack Reigns from behind. And AJ then tells Reigns in the backstage area that he had nothing to do with the blindside attack.

Baron Corbin squashes Fandango with the End of Days and then gives Dolph Ziggler an End of Days on the floor for the second week in a row. Ziggler must be in the dog house, even though he has a DVD out.

It is time for MizTV and two sites make it better. The Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder and Maryse by his side. Cesaro comes out to fuel their feud. The Miz then tells Cesaro that he has a scheduled match with Rusev, who comes out with the League of Nations. But, Cesaro has an announcement of his own, Shane changed the match to a 4 on 4 tag match. The Miz will team with the League of Nations against Cesaro and………..

Another average match. The last 45 seconds was very good with everyone jumping in the ring and taking turns doing there finishing moves as Cesaro having the last moment and the pin on Sheamas.

A backstage segment between Charlotte and Nattie as she reveals that she will have Bret Hart in her corner for their match at Payback. This will make this match more interesting.

Another terrible woman’s match. This Revolution is coming to a screeching hault. The ending sees Charlotte tap to Nattie.

Next we have The Vaudevillains vs The Usos in the semi-final match for the Tag Team Championship. I fully expect the Bullet Club to fire another round and allow the Vausevillains to advance. By the way, what is it with all the pasty white guys on the roster like English? Jay Uso had a great move when he dived through the second rope and to the outside. The Vausevillains got a clean pin for the victory!

Apollo Crews vs Heath Slater. If Slater can beat him, Crews agrees to join the Social Outcasts. No one takes the Social Outcasts seriously, so it was no surprise that Crews got the win. The booking of the Social Outcasts has disappointed me.

OwensVSAmbroseThe Main Event is another match between Ambrose and Owens. KO is the best trash talker during a match ever. Plus, he continues to loose weight and look more like a WWE wrestler than an Indy wrestler. Owens did a frog splash of the apron and onto Ambrose who was laid out on the floor was the best move of the night! After the best match of the night, Ambrose gets the win with dirty deeds. But Jericho gets the last laugh with a codebreaker as Raw goes off the air.

THE RAW TRUTH is, Raw has become a 3 hour episode of NXT. Styles is going for the WWE Championship after being in the WWE for less than 3 months. The Bullet Club has not had an NXT match, neither did AJ. Yet Finn, Joe, and A Double are currently in NXT. But the biggest travesty is how many Superstars are not being used while all these kids just jump over them and have Raw television time. The show itself was above average, but there are some trends that I don’t like developing.


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