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3 Impacts From Impact

Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling certainly had its moments, but what really stood out? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact!

  1. IMPACTIMO, the Knockouts made a big Impact with their segment earlier in the show, beginning with the evil Maria Kanellis demanding that Jade hands her the Knockouts Championship, the title she won last week. This led to a confrontation by Gail Kim, but not only that, Marti Bell, Rebel, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne, all gave their two cents–mainly towards Maria, who continued to claim that she’s the leader of the Knockouts. This prompted TNA executive Billy Corgan to come out and announce that all of the Knockouts will compete in a Ladder Match, with the winner being declared the official leader of the Knockouts. It was a good segment for the women, mainly because nearly all of them received mic time.
  2. The follow-up to Al Snow’s attack on Grado and Mahabali Shera was intriguing as well. It was two weeks ago that Grado’s celebration over returning to the TNA roster was ruined when Snow beat down both him and Shera, and last week, Billy Corgan ordered Snow to give a public apology, which he did, despite Shera wanting to tear him a new one. Snow claimed that he would do everything to make sure Grado and Shera become big stars in TNA, but that was proven to be deception as Snow attacked Shera, while proclaiming himself as the hero. I love this because, honestly, I would love to see this in women’s wrestling; a veteran wrestler turning villainous and attacking the younger stars.
  1. The opening segment with the Hardys confronting each other was captivating, with Matt actually demanding that Jeff relinquish the Hardy name. This was stemming from Matt failing to regain the World Title against Drew Galloway, with Jeff taking out Tyrus during the main event. Matt stated that he wanted Jeff out of his life, and he challenged his younger brother to a one-on-one match to take place next week. The stipulation was decided in a tag team match, with Matt and Tyrus defeating Jeff and Drew, and it will be an I Quit Match. Gave me flashbacks to their I Quit Match in WWE back in 2009.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next week!

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