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Kobe Bryant: How Will You Remember Him?

February 9th 2003:

My first and only all-star game where I watched Michael Jordan lace up his sneakers for the ultimate pick up game. 9-27 from the field and going for 20 points. He even hit the go ahead bucket to send the game into double overtime. Which you can see here:

All of this is nothing short of heart warming, but only complaint being that I live in Atlanta, and was unable to attend this game.


April 13th 2016

Nike declared this day as #MambaDay. The last day that future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant would suit up in a purple and gold uniform. Before the farewell tour, and all this special stuff he went through this season, 1 series in particular has never left my mind.

2009 NBA Finals Lakers vs. Magic

I could sit here and explain it, but this video should suffice:

People can say what they want about LeBron. For Kobe, his grit, his aggression, his drive to make it happen was sometimes unbelievable. In most cases unguardable too! Even these highlights couldn’t explain what I witnessed the last decade. However, all of this comes with the reality that his time was coming. Like Ewing in a Sonics jersey, Shaq in Celtics jersey, MJ in a wizards uniform, and so on. Kobe Bryant surely has proven this is his last game. Ever. And after a 60 point performance, there is no better way to go out in style, for the “Black Mamba”, #8 and #24, Kobe Bryant.

What was your favorite Kobe moment, whether you liked him or not? Comment below.

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