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The Lakeshow Weekly: What we learned this season (part 2)

D'AngeloAlong with perimeter defense another thing we can take away from the NBA season, is the importance of having a shooter. No question Steph has changed the face of the NBA for better and for worse.

Perimeter shooting has never been more important than in today’s game. Perimeter shooters spread the floor and cause the defense to have to stay out on shooters which in turn can open up the floor, this allows for better opportunities for the big guys to score and generally gives a better flow to an offense. Shooters aren’t always the best players on the team but they are critical to the success of a team. Where are the Clippers without JJ Redick? J.R Smith starts even though he is basically good for nothing but shooting and Kyle Korver was a huge part of the Hawks success last year. But, how does this affect the Lakers?

BuddyHieldAlthough D’Angelo may be developing into somewhat of a 3 point shooter (now holds the Lakers single season rookie record) and we have Lou Williams, we still don’t have a true shooter. The type of shooter that is a threat from anywhere on the floor. With the draft soon approaching (Assuming we keep our pick) we can address this need in the draft. Although a big proponent of Buddy Hield before the tournament, watching the tournament actually showed me he may not be the right pick. I do think he will be a serviceable NBA starter but he isn’t a franchise changer. He can shoot but every other aspect of his game is average. I think taking him in the top three is a stretch for any team. Regardless, if the Lakers do take him, one of the most obvious things we learned watching Hield in the tournament is the kid can shoot the lights out. Even at Oklahoma what made that team go was his shooting which opened up space for shooters like Woodard and Cousins. His shooting even gave guys like Spangler more 1 on 1 opportunities. Of course that can only take you so far, as evidenced by their ugly loss, but Hield is one of the best proven shooters in this draft.

Photo by: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Photo by: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from the draft, through free agency there are few options. First let set the record straight,  Laker fans get it out of your head now, Kevin Durant WILL NOT come to LA. Unless someone else decides to come with him (unlikely) but come on lets be real, who wants to come to LA right now? Unfortunately in terms of shooters, NBA free agency doesn’t have much to offer. One interesting free agent though, is Evan Fournier. The French born player is having his best statistical season in his career. Fournier is currently shooting 46% from the field and almost 40% from the 3pt line. Unfortunately for the Lakers, the Magic will be keen on keeping him as they continue their rebuild, but he’s an option for the Lakers. Whatever the case, be patient. The Lakers will get better with time.

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