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South Side Salutations; White Sox off to a Lovely Start

The White Sox have started off 5-2, best record they have had since 2008, They won 3 out of 4 against Oakland, and won games each against the Indians and Twins. The Sox played only 2 games against the Indians because Sunday’s game was postponed. They play 2 more games against the Twins which fans hope they can beat, because the twins aren’t doing so well with an 0-7 start. They then go on to play the Tampa Bay Rays this weekend. It is nice to see the energy of this team so far.

johnDanksThe White Sox could be 6-1 instead of 5-2 if it wasn’t for the bad start against the Indians for John Danks. He had a bad outing on Friday and the White Sox lost 7-1. I was in attendance for the Friday and Saturday games. It was very nice to finally have baseball back, and it was nice to see the energy this team has. Even though Friday had some snow and cold temps it was still a fun time to have by all even though it was a loss. Saturdays game Chris Sale pitched, he gave up a 2 run homer which tied the game. Avi, we thought was coming out of his slump, hit a HR to take the lead on Saturday as the Sox won the game. I love the energy of this team, seeing it in person is amazing and I can’t wait to see what comes in the coming weeks.

jose-quintanaOn Monday Jose Quintana won the game, I was so happy to see our offense score some runs for him, still one of the best-kept pitching secrets in baseball, maybe the Sox will take advantage of their No. 2 starter’s talent and help him reach double-digit wins in 2016. I wasn’t happy that Q got a no decision in Oakland but luckily he got the win in Minneso.  And everyone in the Sox clubhouse celebrated with him.

“Everybody pulls for him because he’s just such a teammate and good person,’’ said Ventura, who is reminded of former teammate Jim Abbott when he observes Quintana on and off the mound. “Everybody is pulling for him. You genuinely like the guy.’’ I really hope this is the year Q can breakout and get double digits wins, he is so deserving of a good winning season.  I hope the White Sox can finally get him some offense in every start.

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