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Smack Talk Review of Smack Down

Our first post-WrestleMania Smack Down featured many recaps of WrestleMania matches, Raw debuts, & a few matches that derived from both days.  We now know that Roman Reigns will have to defend his WWE title against A.J. Styles, presumably at WWE Payback.  More importantly, Styles is now officially a main eventer, as he’s the number one contender for the championship.  Thank you WWE for coming to your senses!  I’ll repeat that phrase again later.  We’ve seen the re-emergence of both Emma and Maryse, even a Tyler Breeze sighting!  Additionally, NXT debuts for Baron Corbin, Enzo & Cass, Apollo Crews, and in this episode of Smack Down, The Vaudevillians.

Vaudevillians vs Lucha Dragons
Smack Down was the setting for the Vaudevillians debut to WWE’s main roster this past week.  In their first match, Aiden English & Simon Gotch renewed an old rivalry against the Lucha Dragons.  These two teams had great matches back in NXT a few years ago.  The chemistry was still evident in their match on Smack Down.  Not a fantastic match, but a very solid and entertaining one by both teams.  The broadcast team of Ranallo & Lawler (which sounds like a law firm) were very descriptive and comedic during this match.  Ranallo referred to Gotch as being proficient in “Bartitsu”, while Lawler may have had the comment of the night.  After Sin Cara dove through the ropes onto Aiden English outside, Ranallo called “Front Face Suicida wipes out English!”  Immediately Lawler said to Mauro, “You’ve wiped out English a lot of times!”  The Vaudevillians hit their “Whirling Dervish” for the win over the Lucha Dragons, but we’ll see where their trajectory goes from here.  It seems that Enzo & Cass will have a match against the Dudley Boyz at Payback, so could a match against the Usos possibly be ahead for the Vaudevillians? We will have to wait to see but one thing is for certain, the tag team division is getting stronger.

The Women’s Division
Formerly known as the Divas division.  Thank you WWE for coming to your senses!  The new Women’s Title was debuted at WrestleMania and Charlotte is your Women’s champion.  On this episode, she joined the broadcast team to commentate a match between Summer Rae and Natalya.  Charlotte made reference to her history with Summer in the BFF’s at NXT.  While Summer Rae had control the majority of the match, Natalya would lock in her sharpshooter for the win.  After her victory, Natalya made it known that she wanted a title match against Charlotte.  Personally, I would like to see Natalya as the Women’s Champion….even if it’s just a short reign.  She has been a mentor to many women wrestlers, a consummate professional during an unflattering Divas period, & can put on a show stopping match with any other female wrestler.  #PushNatalya

The new WWE Women's Championship

The new WWE Women’s Championship

The other news worthy Women’s division item from this episode was a backstage, with Renee Young interviewing Becky Lynch.  Lynch was sporting some stitches below her left eye & heavy swelling from her Triple Threat match at WrestleMania.  In her interview, Lynch was joking about it at first.  However, she went on to fire off a phenomenal, passionate promo.  She also alluded to reciprocating the injury back to Charlotte.  Emma interrupts Lynch during the interview.  Emma makes fun of the injury & both girls reference their previous history together.  Hopefully Emma vs Becky is on its way.

A.J. Styles & Cesaro vs Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens
There were so many different things to take away from this match, but I will try to be as concise as possible.  First, there was some pre-match takeaways.  Y2J might have something brewing with Dean Ambrose, as he entered immediately following Dean’s victory over Tyler Breeze.  Jericho then seemingly gave Dean a cold shoulder when they crossed paths.  Momentarily, it looked as though Dean would attack Y2J.  But for once, Dean’s cooler head prevailed.  Cesaro appeared for the first time in over 4 months on Smack Down.  His entrance now features a tear away suit, to compliment his nickname as the Swiss Superman.  Kevin Owens entered to a loud chorus of boos in Houston.  Isn’t it weird that Owens only gets booed at taped events?  Hmmm.  Anyways, Owens & Jericho did great work in this match.  Y2J had a meltdown in the beginning of the match, throwing the top of the announce table off, then attempting to push the metal stairs off also.  When he was unsuccessful at doing this, Owens came over to push those stairs off for Jericho.  Throughout the match, Jericho & Owens would say “High 5” when they tagged each other.  Owens screamed that he’s phenomenal, while Jericho mocked a foiled hot tag by Cesaro.  As you can probably tell, I was thoroughly entertained by these two throughout the match.  Cesaro & Styles were also very good.  Many European uppercuts, “phenomenal” offense, and a slew of innovative counters kept the broadcast team busy. An injured Sami Zayn would appear near the end of the match to distract Owens.  This led to a roll up pin by Styles for the win.  Zayn & Owens went at it immediately afterwards, as Owens threw Sami into the steel stairs to end the episode.  That match should be coming for WWE Payback.

As more stars are slated to return from injury very soon & fans await more NXT call ups, these next couple of weeks should be very interesting.  Stay tuned.
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