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Total Diva Fallout (Season 5, Episode 12)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Total Diva Fallout, which recaps the previous episode of Total Divas. For this week, a look back at last night’s episode, “Baby Talk.”

The main story involved Rosa Mendes’ upcoming baby shower, which had all of her fellow women unable to appear. Paige had been avoiding any and all talk about the baby shower, and as shown in the preview last week, she had a long hidden secret. Paige’s secret:  she was once pregnant when she was 18, but she lost the baby, and the chances of her becoming pregnant again are slim due to her surgery. I was shocked and saddened when learned that; Paige carried this for years, and when she finally appeared at Rosa’s shower and told her, Rosa was shocked and heartbroken. I do hope that when that time comes and Paige hangs up her boots, whenever that time is, she does beat the odds and becomes a mother herself.PaigeatRosaBabyShower

The emotion continued with Alicia Fox dealing with the issues involving her family, mainly her mother. The episode included an appearance from Alicia’s sister, Christina, who we remember from her time in WWE developmental as Caylee Turner. The family drama escalated when Alicia was upset over the fact that her mother knew about the illness of a family friend and they didn’t inform her. It was a pretty emotional episode for the most part. Paige’s secret and the family drama from Alicia made for some heart heavy TV.AliciaandChristinaFox

But as usual, the Bellas provide some lightheartedness, as the twins headed to the Pacific Northwest, to Daniel Bryan’s home state of Washington, where Bryan and Brie plan to eventually build what Brie calls their “forever home.” Of course, the spot is in a wooded area, which doesn’t set too well with city girl Nikki. There are times where I find Nikki’s high-maintenance Diva attitude funny, but last night’s episode, TBH, was not one of them. Brie and Bryan were planning their future together, but all Nikki could do was complain about the atmosphere. Though I did love Nikki wearing stylish boots to their trip, but even so, Nikki could have put more of an effort in being happy for Brie and Bryan, rather than complain. That’s just my two cents.

That is this week’s Total Diva Fallout! Next week is Part One of the Season Five finale! Until then!

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