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To start off a exciting night it would be The Revival vs. American Alpha  for the NXT TagTeam Championships. Early on it would be the champs on their heels. Jordan and Gable would just make the champs looks like chumps, especially with their double German Suplexes. The Revival would isolate and dominate with their no flips just fist style. This would occur are a bit clotheline to Gable. In a hotly contested match AMERICAN ALPHA WOULD PULL OFF THE WIN WITH THE BRIDGING SUPLEX.

Winner: American Alpha (New NXT TagTeam Champions)



The Lone Wolf vs. The Greatest Man To Ever Live
The debut of Austin Aires

Austin would waste no time going for his revenge on Corbin. A rolling forearm would see Corbin to the outside until they got back in. Corbin would stun gun Aires which would then turn the tide of the match. After dealing with a fan Corbin would be distracted which lead to Aires putting on a Arial show… See what I did there. Corbin would some how get the Deep 6 on Aires which almost lead to a count out. To end it off Baron Corbin would go for the END OF DAYS… Reversal into a roll up. 1…2…3

Winner: Austin Aires


The dream match !!!

The heart and soul of NXT vs. The king of strong style

This man doesn’t even really speak english and he has more charisma than Roman Reigns.

Oh my God, the electricity in the match was unreal. Back and forth. The match we all hoped for and more!! It’s so many things I can say yet I’m speechless. It felt like Wrestlemania, the main event. This had it all Nakamura’s strong style even Sami using strong of his own. The crowd would chant “FIGHT FOREVER”. This may easily be match of the year.
MY HEART RACING THROUGH THE ENTIRE MATCH. And seeing how this might be Zayn’s last match in NXT almost brings a tear to my eye.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


After calming down myself I would hype up again due to remembering

Bayley vs. Asuka

Asuka’s gonna kill you vs Bayley’s gonna hug you. Asuka early on would try to go for the end but Bayley avoided it and go for her unorthodox offense. Surprisingly Bayley would dominate most of the match being the aggressor. Asuka would have enough and almost kick the face off Bayley. But still Bayley would get back on the offense until Asuka got her in a viscous armbar. Bayley never gave up, but she did eventually pass out. Giving us a NEW NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPION
ASUKA. It’s kinda bitter sweet but it had to happen some day.

Winner: Asuka

Bobby Roode in NXT?!?

I have to comment here, WWE did this all night with different faces in the crowd. It had a real UFC feel to it and gave us some great teasers as well.

The main event
Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor


Why in the blue hell does Finn Balor have a chainsaw …. Wait…. Oh you are a clever one Mr. Balor
A clever one indeed.
Right off the back the brawl would break out and Joe would be busted open in minutes. Just an all out fight with these two just beating the living life out each other. That blood pouring down the face of Joe would do something to him. The crowd would hate that the medical staff would help Joe saying PG sucks. At this point with the blood Joe would become the monster baby face. Again the medical staff would attend to Joe with the crowd chanting “F… PG”. This match would be almost a coming out party from Joe with the respect from the crowd. The crowd would chant “let Joe bleed” to which Joe would shake his head in agreement. After the third interference from the medical staff Balor would take control. Joe would stay strong and hit the Muscle Buster. 1….2. KICKOUT
Back and forth these two went in a unbelievable match up. Balor would awake the Demon and hit the COUP DE GRACE. Joe would sense Balor going for the 1916 and put him in the rear naked choke hold. FINN BALOR WOULD FLIP JOE ON HIS BACK 1..2…3

Winner: Demon Finn Balor.. Because it makes a difference.





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