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Stone Cold Podcast with Mick Foley

This past Thursday, after Smack Down, Stone Cold Steve Austin interviewed the legendary Mick Foley on his Stone Cold podcast.  This was a different setting than his usual prior podcasts that are done on a backstage set.  The interview was conducted in ring, in front of a live crowd.  Personally, I loved this setting.  Mick seemed like he did also, as he pandered to the crowd for the “cheap pops” that Foley is well known for.  I always enjoy Austin’s podcasts because they can grab the interest of both the hardcore fans & the casual fans. This installment was no different.PodcastinRing

This will be just a brief summary of the podcast, instead of a full recount, because watching both Austin & Foley on screen is much more entertaining than I could ever transcribe here.  If you haven’t watched the episode yet, I highly recommend that you do.  There were great stories told by Foley & Austin from their times as wrestlers.  The two talked about their times wrestling in Dallas, the great Stan Hansen, & their extreme love for being thrifty on the road.  Foley talked about his times in Japan, wrestling with C4 explosives, in the ring.  He told the story of his time in Germany, when he called his wife back home, to tell her that he had lost an ear in a match.  He talked about his former characters and the evolution of each persona: Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Commissioner Foley, and Mankind.  It was interesting to hear Mick talk about his struggle with Vince McMahon on the Mankind character.  There were also a few great stories Mick told about his most famous match as Mankind, Hell in a Cell versus the Undertaker.facesofFoley


The news worthy items that came from this podcast were that Mick has lost 50 lbs. with DDP yoga & he will be a co-star in an upcoming WWE Network show, with his daughter Noelle, titled “Holy Foley.”  Noelle appeared briefly on the podcast to discuss this announcement.  She basically said that the show will be a reality documentary, as she starts her journey toward an aspiring career as a WWE Diva.  The show will also capture the unique relationship that she has with her dad.  I believe the term Noelle used to describe their relationship was “weird-normal.”FoleyDaughter

Again, if you have not yet seen the podcast, check it out on the WWE Network.  Also, Austin usually will have the audio available on iTunes.  He does 2 separate podcasts, a PG rated podcast simply titled Steve Austin podcast & a unfiltered podcast called Unleashed.  New episodes appear on Tuesday & Thursday, respectively.  I would imagine that this will air on the uncensored episode, as the crowd couldn’t censor their enthusiasm for it.  But I can’t blame them, how else should you react for two of the greatest stars in WWE’s “Attitude Era”?  For this trip down memory lane, their “HOLY SH*T” chant was spot on.

Right there……in DALLAS, TEXAS! (cheap pop)


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