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Royally Yours: The World Series Rematch

The Royals first series this season will feature a World Series rematch against the New York Mets. The teams look a little different this time but many of the key players remain.EscobarInsidePark

Matt-HarveyThe game Sunday night will feature a pitching rematch of Games 1 and 5 of the World Series. The Royals won both games but in very different ways. In game 1 the Royals got to Matt Harvey early with an inside-the-park home run by Alcides Escobar. Harvey would eventually give up 3 earned runs in 6 innings. Game 5 was very different. Harvey pitched 8 shutout innings and argued his way into playing in the ninth inning. He gave up a walk and a double to the first two batters of the inning and was replaced by Familia. The win brought Kansas City their first World Series Championship in 30 years. The Royals should feel good about their match-up Sunday night because they have proven they can beat Harvey in multiple ways.

FamiliavsRoyalsWhen Familia replaced Harvey in game 5 the Mets were confident in their closer to secure the win. Jeurys Familia only had 5 blown saves during the 2015 regular season and did not give up a run in the division or championship series. The Royals were able to handle Familia in the World Series. He had 3 blown saves in four appearances against the Royals. The Mets bullpen struggled to shut down the Royals in the World Series and this could be fatal in the match-up with the Royals this week because pitching often struggles early in the season and the Mets will likely need to rely on their bullpen.

SyndergaardWorldSeriesThis week there were rumors of a potential retaliation by the Royals over the high fastball thrown by Noah Syndergaard to Alcides Escobar in game 3. There were reports that the Royals were still upset over the pitch and were going to “seek retribution.” The Royals have denied the accusations and many players say they are not thinking about the pitch. We will find out Tuesday when Syndergaard faces the Royals if there are any hard feelings left over from last October.

The two games that the Royals play against the Mets this week feature an interesting World Series rematch. Kansas City will see if they can have the same success against Harvey and Familia that they did in the World Series and we will see if the rumors of a Royals retribution are correct.

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