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If I Were Writing Wrestle-Mania

You can go to a number of different websites and read what everyone predicts will happen at a number of WWE events, especially pay-per-view events, or should we now call them WWE Network events? But I want this article to be different, I want to look at an event the way a writer would or should look at a WWE event. And how the writer creates a story line, not just a result.

The WWE needs to give Mark Henry a Wrestle-Mania moment in his home state. (I would give him 2)

andre-battle-royalGranted, with the injury to Luke Harper, this scenario is not going to be near as dramatic, but I would still do it. In the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal I would eliminate all the combatants with the exception of Braun Stroman and Eric Rowan, and as the crowd counts down from 10 for entrant 29, they would once again here the familiar melodic tune of the Wyatt Family as Bray slowly laughs all the way to the ring. He enters the ring and stands with his fellow family members as we await the final entrant like a lamb being lead to slaughter (all the puns intended). The crowd again counts down from 10 in unison as they await the final entrant and it is………Mark Henry! The hometown gives him a huge ovation like Foley gets when lops up those cheap pops.

Henry walks to the ring unphased with a purpose. Meanwhile Bray Wyatt gets a microphone. Bray and Mark lock eyes in the center of the ring and stare without the either blinking. Finally, Wyatt backs away and looks down by saying “We know…..and we don’t want any problems.” There is a long pause and Bray concludes “right now.” Bray then points to each member and they leave the ring on their own power over the top rope eliminating themselves and making the Champion Mark Henry to the disbelief of the crown, and seemingly the announcers as the pre-show goes off the air with Michael Cole using the incident to put over the event.The-Wyatt-Family-1

Fast forward to later on in the event. When the League of Nations takes on the New Day. Out of no where these 6 words need to stun the crowd…….We are the Nation of Domination! First Darin Young out on the ramp then followed by Titus Oneal with a large gap between them for the leader of the New Nation ……Mark Henry. They purposely walk to the ring and decimate the New Day as the League of Nations backpedals out of Dodge and back to the back. They pose for the camera with their fists in the air like the old Nation.

Can’t you hear Michael Cole going crazy saying, “This must have been what Bray Wyatt was talking about!”

But we are not done, remember it is a story line. The new Day and the Nation fight for some time and have many a matches mixing and matching 3 heals and 3 faces. I would have the New Nation win the tag team titles. And there next feud with the League of Nations and have a match lead into Summer Slam. But, the League of Nations has 4 members and the New Nation only has 3 members.

Apollo CrewsSo who will the 4th member be? It would be a great way to promote Apollo Crews. Getting his feet wet in a group and not having to do everything on your own and realize how to become a main event wrestler as part of a faction. Then they can build a confrontation between the New Nation and The Wyatt family.


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