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Total Diva Fallout (Season 5, Episode 11)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Total Diva Fallout, which recaps the latest episode of Total Divas. This week, a look back at last night’e episode, “Clothes Quarters.”

Natalya-dad-2The episode really had two main stories; one of them being a continuation from the previous week’s episode. Last week’s episode showed Nattie inviting Mandy’s family to their gathering, and Nattie was worried about the entire Saccomanno family being there, mainly because of the behavior of Nattie’s father, the legendary Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. It was in this story that we learned a bit more about Mandy’s family. Viewers recall seeing Mandy’s brothers weeks ago in an earlier episode involving Rosa Mendes, but this was the first time that we would see Mandy’s parents, who are separated. Other than the emotional moments, there were funny ones as well; the funniest one being Nattie’s reactions to losing a boat race to the Saccomannos. The funniest part was Nattie referring to the Saccamannos as “civilians.”

The other main story involved the Bellas attempting to get their lingerie line up and going, but it included the usual in-fighting between the twins. This time it was Brie’s refusal to take Nikki’s advice regarding business, and it blew up in her face. The fighting lasted for most of the episode, until Brie talked things out with Nikki and admitting that Nikki was right about everything, something it took a lot for the headstrong Brie to do. As for the lingerie line, that hasn’t been launched yet, but it’s a start.

Fearless Nikki 2016 Brie Mode 2016

I just have to say how much I loved how elegant the Bellas looked last night! Brie looked oh so lovely in her black gown, but I was really loving Nikki in her red gown. Nikki looks like a sexy villainess in a spy movie in that gown, plus the hairstyle. Absolutely glamorous showing by the Bellas.

That’s the Total Diva Fallout! Until next week!

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