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NFL Report Card: New England Patriots


Our NFL report card for the 2015-2016 season will be assigning a letter grade to each of the 32 teams and offering an explanation why that grade was chosen. After the evaluation, we will point out one specific area the team will need to address this off-season. Want some extra credit? Comment down below what grade YOU would give the team, and tell me on Twitter (@FantasyFlurry) your thoughts on the team’s report card for that day!


The Patriots went into total “We’ll show you” mode and won the AFC East for the seventh-straight season. They finished with a 12-4 record, but unfortunately this group struggled down the stretch. Tom Brady’s receivers, running backs, and lineman started to drop one-by-one throughout the season. By the end, it was basically him and Rob Gronkowski left standing. Even with all of the injuries, the Patriots scored 29.1 points per game, which was third-highest in the league. One of the biggest surprises of the NFL season was the emergence of running back Dion Lewis. He played seven games before getting hurt, and he finished with 622 total yards and four touchdowns.

Chandler Jones

New England’s defense started the season great (when the offense was clicking), but they struggled later in the year when the offense failed to take the pressure off of them. Chandler Jones and Devin McCourty played up to their expectations, and Logan Ryan, Malcolm Butler, and Jabaal Sheard contributed as well. This group did seem to miss Vince Wilfork’s presence in the middle. Overall, this group was really well coached, and they still finished as a top-ten defense.

Final Grade: A-


Biggest Off-Season Need?

This whole Patriots offense needs depth. The offensive line was depleted by the end of the season, so they need to bring in a offensive tackle and guard. To address this they traded Chandler Jones for guard Jonathan Cooper. The Patriots in recent years have also seemed to have nobody to throw to outside of Edelman and Gronkowski. So far in free agency, they have cut tight end Scott Chandler and receiver Brandon LaFell. In return, they signed Nate Washington and Chris Hogan. They need to find a couple more receivers and tight ends who can actually catch.

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