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Rebuilding the Bulls Part 1

It’s been hard to watch the Bulls this season. I’m not going to go through it all; it would be a complete waste of time.  I’m here to talk alternatives and ways to make me watch this team again. I love the Chicago Bulls and will support them always, but right now, it’s at a standstill.

BullsTeamWith only now eight games left and the Chicago Bulls 2 games out of a playoff spot, the hope the team has and the few fans that want them to make the playoffs continues to diminish.

You are not going to make the playoffs losing two straight to the Knicks, and shooting 1-22 from the field in the final 9:45 of the second quarter vs. Hawks on March 28th .

I wonder how many people actually bought Bulls playoff tickets as they went on sale on March 29th—whoever did has to be in another world. This team doesn’t have enough to make it to the playoffs, even though two games aren’t hard to catch.

The Chicago Bulls are better off ending the year and going home. A first round series with the Cavs, I’ll take a rain check.

Fred Hoiberg has not lived up to the expectations. The reality of everyone missing Thibs is understandable but he couldn’t stay here any longer and people have to see that.  But that’s another article for a different day.

The Bulls have shown fight at times. But the Bulls have shown the bad side and too many times at that. They go out and beat the Thunder and other powerhouses’ of the NBA, but get embarrassed by the Brooklyn Nets, the Knicks, and countless other teams that the Bulls should have outplayed.

noahx-largeOf course injuries have hurt the Bulls. Losing Joakim Noah did not help at all. Jimmy Butler was out for a significant time with a knee injury and losing your top scorer will add to the loss category.  Pau, Rose, and Mirotic all missed games forcing Hoiberg to turn to guys like E’twuan Moore and Cameron Baristow to step up and play a big role.

The shift of basketball minds would definitely be a struggle at first. Thibs, being defense and Hoiberg focusing on his offense, brought concern to many Bulls fans. When I looked at it, these guys will have that Thibs ingrained and now have to learn this offense. Turns out, it’s like Thibs never stepped foot in the United Center.

Hoiberg’s offense has been shown a little bit, but he himself has discontinued it and went to the pick and roll with Rose and Pau, something that can be a beautiful thing. But he wasn’t brought here to do that.

I’m here to talk about a very likeable and possible idea that would turn heads and bring that “spark” back to Chicago that was here under Tom Thibodeau and those before him.

Pursue John Calipari

CalipariPrayingI know, I know it seems crazy. His time in the NBA was not very successful plus he loves Kentucky, why would he ever leave? Well, guys want to make their mark and his coaching career is still young and he has the brain to do it.

Calipari has dodged the NBA rumors every year. He loves the college games and has no intention of leaving. So how could one even have him consider coming to Chicago?  It’s simply: offer him the head coach and President of basketball operations.

This was just part one of the plan to rebuild the Bulls. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we go in depth on Calipari and realize why parting way with Hoiberg in just year one of a five year deal may have to happen.


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