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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night was Drew Galloway’s first defense of his newly won World Heavyweight Championship on Impact Wrestling. What else stood out last night? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

  1. In my opinion, the biggest impact came from the announce table, as D’Angelo Dinero left Josh Mathews’ side and called out Bobby Lashley, who started this when he attacked Mathews two weeks ago, and then speared Pope when he came to his broadcast partner’s defense. Pope gained some retribution last week when he invaded the gauntlet match and eliminated Lashley, costing him his shot at the World Title. Lashley entered the ring last night and demanded two things from Pope, an apology and for him to get out of “his ring.” Lashley received neither, and Pope stood up to him and fought him. We heard from Pope later in the evening, stating that he and Lashley will fight on next week’s Impact! I can’t wait for this! I’m so glad that Pope’s involved in this again!
  1. The aforementioned main event between Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy for the World Title definitely lived up to expectations, and in the end, Drew was successful in his first title defense. Respect was shown between Drew and Jeff, but that was interrupted by the latter’s callous big brother, Matt Hardy, who began the program demanding a rematch, and continued his rant after the main event. Eric Young and Bram would get involved, yet again, leading to a melee involving all five parties. I’m anxious to see where the latest Hardy sibling rivalry goes, even though, to be honest, it’s not as good as their 2009 rivalry in WWE, but it’s still entertaining.
  1. Well, look at this! TNA actually does have an X Division Champion! And his name is Trevor Lee! Forgive me if I’m being sarcastic, but it has been over a month since the X Division Champion and the title itself has been on Impact Wrestling; not since Lockdown. And even with Lee on TV, the X Division took a backseat, as Gregory Shane Helms (who had been in Lee’s corner for months) turned his focus on Eddie Edwards, who has been on his own since Davey’s injury. Helms had a proposition for Eddie: they team together and go against Beer Money for the Tag Team Championship. It’s an interesting proposition, as Eddie has never held a tag title with someone other than Davey, plus this could be Helms’ way of keeping Eddie from going after Lee’s X Division Title. Eddie has a week to respond, and I can’t wait to hear his answer!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week, Matt Hardy gets his World Title rematch, and Jeff Hardy will go at it against Eric Young inside Six Sides of Steel! Until then!

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