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South Side Salutations; Adam LaRoche The Controversy & Aftermath

Adam-LaRoche-with-DrakeLast week Adam LaRoche retired from the White Sox, because he wanted his son Drake to be in the clubhouse with him and Kenny Williams wanted him to limit his son from the Clubhouse. This caused a serious controversy sending the players in an uproar between them and Kenny Williams. Chris sale said that Kenny lied to everyone on the team. During this whole deal I was wondering to myself don’t they realize that LaRoche, who they are defending so much, walked out on them?  I was thinking that maybe they just wanted Drake around and not Adam. Adam Eaton even went as far to stay in a really dumb statement to me that “drake was our leader”. I’m sorry but I am wondering how the heck can a 14-year-old be the leader of your team, Chris sale even had Laroche’s and his sons jersey in his locker.adam-eaton

What I heard Chris sale went off on a potty mouthed tirade on Kenny Williams, I am sorry but in my thoughts you should be going off on Adam LaRoche for quitting not Kenny, I mean yes Kenny deserves to be yelled at but this man quit on your team just because his son couldn’t be in the clubhouse.  For a good week this was news and every single day us as fans had to hear some of the dumbest things coming out of our white sox mouths.  It made me feel did you even think about your fans when this was going on, you guys are upset because a child was taken away? It is crazy that this was going on.

KennyWilliamsLaRoche said “ toward the current situation which arose after White Sox VP Ken Williams recently advised me to significantly scale back the time that my son spent in the clubhouse. Later, I was told not to bring him to the ballpark at all. Obviously, I expressed my displeasure toward this decision to alter the agreement we had reached before I signed with the White Sox. Upon doing so, I had to make a decision. Do I choose my teammates and my career? Or do I choose my family? The decision was easy, but in no way was it a reflection of how I feel about my teammates, manager, general manager or the club’s owner Jerry Reinsdorf.’’

LaRoche chose to leave his teammates. Why don’t those teammates direct their anger at the player instead of management? Management didn’t quit on those players. The player quit on those players. Management has worked hard this off-season to try to make this year’s roster better than the miserable one that included some of those screaming or angry players. They should focus on getting better. Now that we have moved on from this insanity the Sox are back to talking baseball and playing games hopefully they can leave this behind them.


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