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As the season draws to a close, Leicester is top, Spurs are chasing, City have lost same amount of games as Chelsea, and all in all we have seen the most unpredictable season since the premier league started!

What is predictable however is a Chelsea draw!


Guus Hiddink has come in and steadied a sinking ship, and yes he has done a good job, but also a boring job. I feel as though he doesn’t set his sides to go out for the win and just plays safe football then keeps his record clean but in a boring fashion.West-Ham-United-vs-Chelsea


We start this weeks Blog, with a look at the West Ham game. Now West Ham are in unbelievable form, and Bilic is doing a fantastic job so you would be forgiven for expecting a Chelsea defeat here.

As Chelsea didn’t really have much to play for, we as fans were expecting to see the likes of Loftus-Cheek, and Traore getting a start and maybe even get a glimpse of Pato’s football boots.

However we were left disappointed as Guus opted for the following line up:

Chelsea: Courtois; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta; Mikel, Fabregas; Willian, Oscar, Kenedy; Remy

Now the strange thing here is the fact that Remy was given a start upfront, despite Traore being bigged by Hiddink and despite 24 hours earlier Hiddink saying he will play with kids. Costa was banned and Hazard injured.

Remy did himself no favours and was pretty much anonymous, and will surely be shipped out in the summer.rEMY

The game ended 2-2 both goals by a rejuvenated Fabregas, 1 of which was a wrongly awarded penalty. After Loftus-Cheek was fouled when through on goal.

The game left Chelsea 10th, unbeaten in league since 2016, but also left us looking toothless and like troubles will continue next season.

What was disappointing was going through Twitter on match day, and seeing the short memories of some of our fans who clearly have only been around in the Abramovich era.

One tweet really bugged me more than anything though: ‘We were wrong to have so much faith in Loftus-Cheek’

Erm Excuse me? This boy has been bigged up since last season, yes he has made errors but he hasn’t been given a full run in the side. He has been given 15-20 minutes here and there every 3 or so weeks so is there any wonder he is struggling for form.


United, Liverpool Arsenal when they find a quality youngster they give him a run of games! Look at young Rashford, and Iwobi! Given proper minutes to embed themselves in the 1st team and really show their class.

It shows the other side of the coin doesn’t it, because we scream at our managers to play the youth but because they don’t win games 5-0 on their own we are quick to tear them down. We want success so much maybe we force the managers hand into the market rather than having patience with our youth players!

Do you know how many errors Iniesta used to make at Barcelona, Or how poor Paul Scholes was in his early days. I am in no way saying RLC is in their league, but when given a run to iron out the errors a player can go from a rough diamond to a polished player. Look at Kurt Zouma! Last summer fans were slating the 19-year-old saying he was no where ready for 1st team and should be loaned out. Yet after a run of games he turned into everyone’s favourite defender!

Some fans really need to look at their attitudes towards the club and the players, because a lot of fans act like spoiled kids wanting one thing then screaming for another.


In Other News:

Rumours were flying round that Chelsea may terminate Pato’s loan spell! He joins a long line of former world-class strikers who have flopped at Chelsea! I am still baffled why Chelsea don’t play 2 upfront seeing as our number 10 usage is pretty poor! He hasn’t been given any minutes on the pitch which makes me wonder how bad he must be in training!

Arturo Vidal has said incoming Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is someone he would love to be side by side with in battle. If this is a plea for us to sign him, I have my reservations…….Actually I just don’t rate him. Either of them.john-terry-chelsea


John Terry has now made over 700 appearances for the club, and for me will go down as the greatest captain in the history of Chelsea. It is still up in the air regarding his contract, but whatever happens we will never see another one like him at Chelsea or possibly even the league.


Next Fixture… April 2nd , Aston Villa (a)


Pit of the Week

Another boring draw at home! When you see how many of the teams above us have dropped points, it makes these draws even more frustrating as with a bit more push we would’ve made the top 4!

cescPeak of the Week

Cesc Fabregas performance at the weekend rolled back the years for when he was at Arsenal.



Until Next Time……..KTBFFH



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