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Total Diva Fallout (Season 5, Episode 9)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Total Diva Fallout, which takes a look back at the latest episode of Total Divas. For this week, a recap of last night’s episode, “Rocky Road to Recovery.”

JohnCenaNikkiBellaThe main story for the episode involved Nikki Bella working to recover from the nagging injuries she suffered months ago. She enlisted her man, John Cena, to be her coach, knowing that John has a huge work ethic. However, Nikki begins to complain about how rough Cena’s working her, and that leads to trouble. Watching this, I do know that Cena works his tail off constantly, and that’s an understatement, but at the same time, I did think that Cena was being to harsh on Nikki. However, as “Mama Bella” put it, Nikki did choose Cena to be her coach because of his work ethic. Nikki was apologetic to Cena as the episode closed.

RosaMendesBobbyCarRosa Mendes was a secondary focus once again, this time with reservations against Bobby going off to Vegas. Rosa’s storyline also featured Mandy Rose, as both Divas were at a beach with Mandy’s two brothers, and it is at this point that we are reminded of Rosa’s past relationships, which did not end well, and she has had trouble trusting men because of that. She stated that she does love Bobby, and thinks he is the one. Speaking of Bobby, it turned out that he was in Vegas looking for an engagement ring for Rosa; another wonderful moment for the couple.

Nattie’s wackiness was put in full form in last night’s episode, as she was working on a family portrait that included herself, her sister Jenni, and their parents in crazy costumes. Even Tyson Kidd was in on the insanity, which is a rarity for the usually, well, deadpan husband of the Queen of Harts. I love Nattie so much, but she is quite eccentric at times. When I watched what the Neidharts were doing, my thought was, “You know, I’m surprised that the family doesn’t have a reality show of their own.” Don’t think that E! hasn’t had that idea! They’d be perfect, TBH!

That is this week’s Total Diva Fallout! Until next week!

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