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Royally Yours: Big League Weekend

The Royals are coming to San Antonio, for Big League Weekend. I am fortunate enough to write for both the Rangers and the Royals and wouldn’t you know it. The Royals and the Rangers are going to play an exhibition game.bigleagueweekend1

Why am I not going? I went last year, Rangers vs Dodgers. As a Ranger fan, it was more of a prospect show case with most of the big names at home, even Jeff Bannister stayed in Surprise. The Dodgers I had a lot of respect. They brought in a bunch of well know players. Adrian Gonzalez, Justin Turner, Yasiel Puig, Yasmani Grandal, oh and who pitched my game for the Dodgers no other than former Mr. Dodger now a Diamondback Zack Greinke, it was nice as a fan. The Dodger fans seemed very happy with the choice.

And this year the Royals are giving the San Antonio fans  the same respect. Eric Hosmer,Salvador Perez, Lorenzo Cain, Paulo Orlando, Christian Colon, Danny Duffy,  if not sick or injured we were going to get two of the best Royals pitchers, Edinson Volquez, and Yordano Ventura. but Volquez has some arm fatigue and Ventura has the flu like system, and myself recovering from being sick for a week I completely understand.11573-BLW-Website-Header

 Big names are headed to H-E-B Big League Weekend! World Series MVP Salvador Perez, Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain are just…

However, the Ranger’s line up is again small of the big names,Derek Holland, Jurickson Profar, Delino DeShields, Robinson Chirinos,Rougned Odor are staying in Surprise to recover some more from an injury.

 The Texas Rangers will be bringing current stars as well as highly touted prospects to H-E-B Big League Weekend! Friday…

BigLeagueWeekendAs a Ranger fan, I am mad, I feel completely disrespected by the Texas Rangers. This is a chance for people who do not have a major league baseball team to see one. They are charging big league prices, to sit up front is $100 and for only 4 big Ranger names that is a tall order. However, as a Royals fan I have a lot of respect for them, I understand you can’t bring the whole team, but the team attitude is wonderful, Moose and Gordo both wanted to come to San Antonio, and I feel manager Ned Yost who is coming this year, tried to give the Royal’s fans in San Antonio their money’s worth.
If you are in San Antonio or just turn on the game, my prediction will be the Royals will kick the dog crap out of the Rangers and it serves the Rangers right bringing in a sub-par line up to San Antonio, While I love my rangers this is the one time I have to say… Go Royals!

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