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Arsenal v Watford F.A cup Quarter final

Arsenal 1 – 2 Watford

Arsenal 4-2-3-1: Ospina; Chambers, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Gibbs; Coquelin, Elneny; Campbell, Özil, Sánchez; Giroud

Arsenal’s season has imploded; Arsene Wenger is in denial, and fans are now fighting between themselves, from being two points clear at the top of the league in January, to now being 11 points off Leicester, and within a week, out of the F.A. cup and Champions league. Where does the blame lie? The fans on the street will say it lies with Arsene Wenger, after all he is the manager, he has the final say on EVERYTHING but I don’t think that’s the case, not at least 100% anyway. Before I’m labelled pro Wenger let me explain why.


Arsenal owner Stan ‘silent’ Kronke

Stan Kronke recently said “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved”, which roughly translates to ‘I’m not here to win trophies’, what kind of attitude is that? You’re the owner of one of the biggest football clubs in world football, of course you should want to win trophies. Arsene Wenger has long been vilified for how frugal he is with the transfer budget- refusing to spend big on one player in a window although he broke that monopoly in 2014 with Mesut Ozil, then the following year with Alexis Sanchez, and everything felt different. Arsenal is now competing and no longer selling our best whilst watching other clubs snap up the talent, but all that stopped when he refused to strengthen the outfield this summer instead only signing goalkeeper Petr Cech for 10 million pounds, which left over 70 million untouched in the bank.


Arsene Wenger

Where was the ambition? Why didn’t we push on? Why didn’t we sign a striker? The answer is complacency; from top to bottom the club is complacent. How have teams like Leicester found players like Kante and Mahrez, Watford with Ighalo, Tottenham with Deli Alli, all bought for a pittance in today’s market yet all out performing any Arsenal player (except perhaps Ozil) and still Arsenal shows blind faith in players like Walcott, Giroud, Flamini, Mertesacker, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain. Players who are NOT good enough, show ZERO passion and have no DESIRE for the times when you need to dig deep and fight. They all talk a good game, they have team meetings and identify where the problems are, but don’t act upon it. This is not down to Wenger in my opinion, once those players go beyond the white line they are ultimately responsible for the result, he can’t control their passion and motivation yet after a poor performance, it is Arsene who faces the media scrutiny. Arsene coaches the players – yes, Arsene sets out the tactics – yes, but if his players don’t execute his game plan then to me, that’s the blame of the players.


Aaron Ramsey


Oxlade Chamberlain








I know reading this it all seems like it points back to Wenger, as you can counter every argument I put across, he bought these under-performing players, he coaches them, he persists with them. I mean seriously why is Flamini getting anywhere near our first team- I have no idea. Also Walcott is no striker, to me he’s no winger, so I’m really confused for him and to be honest I don’t know if he knows his best position. But it’s all too easy to blame Wenger, I believe if he was put under pressure to deliver he would. But Stan Kronke doesn’t want trophies, he wants Arsenal’s value to rise and a commercial side to flourish. The fans who go on Arsenal fan tv (honestly, YouTube it and watch -it’s hilarious) need to scratch below the surface and realize it’s not all down to one man. That one man who has given 20 years to our great club, re-shaped it from top to bottom and rather than be hounded and hung out to dry, needs to be supported and urged (in the correct way) to tweak his ways.

I don’t believe Arsene should be sacked, nor do I want him to be sacked. But I do believe he needs to force the board into a different way of thinking. For too long they have been comfortable finishing just inside the top 4, but now with Leicester breaking the mold, it has finally made fans resent the way the club is run. We can no longer play the ”we can’t compete with oil money” card and now we have to splash our cash. We have to become arrogant when dealing with other teams, we effectively have to become bullies- how does the saying go ”nice guys finish last”… or in our case – fourth.

So what I’m trying to say, is that whilst it’s so easy to blame Wenger, perhaps we should look deeper into why we’re failing. Instead of ranting on social media or Arsenal fan tv, wishing the greatest manager we’ve ever had would just leave, maybe we should turn our attentions to the board and ask them some questions; maybe we should back Arsene and rally behind him and maybe, just maybe the board will listen.


What I would like to see

  1. Walcott, Ox, Flamini, Arteta, Ospina, all sold this summer.
  2. New CB to partner Koscielny and relegate Mertesacker to the bench.
  3. New striker (preferably a $40 mill mega signing).
  4. The board tell Wenger he HAS to deliver the title PUBLICLY.
  5. The club focus on results rather than finance.

These five points are pretty much self-explanatory and yes I’m probably stating the obvious, but for me this needs to happen. I said it earlier and I’m convinced, put Wenger under pressure and he will deliver. Every player needs to stand up and be counted, play for their manager, and show the fans they care and do have passion, and not just when they’re negotiating a new contract. Yes Theo I’m talking to you…


Sorry for the lack of Match reporting, I didn’t catch the game as I was otherwise engaged, normal service will be resumed next week.

Next match is away at Everton, Sunday 20th March.

Until next week.



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