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5 Things We Learned From RAW


After their win at Roadblock the tag champs would appear on RAW and state how BOOTY The League of Nations were. BOOTYO’s are a real thing and you can buy them. It would be Del Rio and Rusev vs. Xavier Woods and Big E for the WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. New Day would get the win but The League of Nations would get the last laugh as they decimated the fun loving trio.

2.) Passing of the torch/bat?? BANG BANG

Dean Ambrose would come out and own up to his loss at Roadblock even though he technically won (his foot wasn’t under the rope). Brock Lesnar would come out as he does bouncing around as Dean Ambrose made fun of. Heyman would of course hype up the match and Brock would come to the ring but Dean would be ready with a crowbar. In a later segment Dean Ambrose would be back stage and who would visit him? BANG BANG !!! MICK FOLEY. Foley would try to get Ambrose out of wrestling Lesnar at Wrestlemania but Ambrose would say he would never give up. With Foley hearing that he would give him a present. Foley would give him his old bared wire bat. BANG BANG

3.) Time to play the GAME

I’ll sum it up. Dolph Zigger made Stephanie mad so his punishment was to face her husband The Game his self on RAW. Incredible match from the two. It was like watching HBK vs. Triple H. After the match Roman Reigns would appear. And get this, he would use the entrance way. So many boos but me myself, I can’t hate on Roman the way he beat on Triple H.



4.) Another One

So in a match with Chris Jericho; Neville would injury his leg and hopefully he doesn’t miss Wrestlemania. Jericho would get disqualified and from behind AJ STYLES WITH A FLYING FOREARM.
Hopefully this leads to a great match at Wrestlemania.

5.) Arise from the dead

Now this is a little confusing The Undertaker isn’t on Vince’s side but yet he wants to destroy Shane. They would go face to face with The Undertaker chokeslaming Shane to hell. I found it funny how The Undertaker couldn’t catch at 70 year old man trying to get out the ring.


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