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I thought I had calmed down, but as I start to write this all my anger has resurfaced, so brace yourselves for a little rant!

Lets start with a huge Champions league second round game.


Chelsea entertained PSG, and needed to be at their best to progress.

Chelsea: Courtois; Azpilicueta, Cahill, Ivanovic, Kenedy; Mikel, Fabregas; Pedro, Willian, Hazard; Costa

Chelsea did in my opinion play well, despite a 2-1 loss. Costa scored a fantastic goal and Chelsea, for me, were on top in the game until Costa went off injured. Also falling injured in the game was Eden Hazard who limped off to a chorus of boos.

So that was it for the Champions league for another year, and another exit to PSG.

Now here is where the ranting starts


I was disgusted by the attitude of some of our fans, and it made me feel embarrassed. It seems that we have accumulated ‘fans’ who only support the boys when they win trophies and just want to be glory hunters.

I remember going to Stamford bridge in the 90s and win lose or draw the crowd would sing for the 90 minutes, clapping the players off for their effort.

Exiting the Champions league to a side who is storming their league, and the fact that we have had a very poor season it appears some fans wanted us to go out and win 5-0.

The stats of the game show Chelsea was on top, yet the chorus of boos and the comments on twitter really shocked me. Some fans need to ask if they are a fan of the club or a fan of a club only if they win a trophy!

Next game, we had a chance to save our season with an FA cup tie against Everton at Goodison Park.everton-vs-chelsea

Now Everton have been getting a bit of bad press lately as they are leaking goals, and aren’t playing as well as they should with the squad they have, so on paper you would look at this as a game for Chelsea to go on and progress. However that’s on paper!

Chelsea: Courtois; Azpilicueta, Cahill, Ivanovic, Kenedy; Mikel, Fabregas; Pedro, Willian, Matic; Costa

Chelsea were very slow and sluggish, and lost the game 2-0, with former Chelsea striker Lukaku netting a brace! Diego Costa stupidly got himself sent off and will now face a ban. Costa was also suspected of biting Gareth Barry, but thankfully Gareth came out to deny these rumors. With this FA cup exit went Chelseas chances of salvaging anything from this season.


The team can now play in the league and hopefully bring in some of the youngsters and give them precious game time. Do we think Chelsea will do this? I am not too sure.

The club now needs to take at look at the following points.

Defense: Chelsea have even since the 90’s had a solid defense, however this season we have been shockingly bad at the back. Cahill whinged as soon as he was dropped, yet his defending is not good enough. He constantly jockeys the attacker back to goal and then they just shoot and score. His distribution is terrible, he panics and just hoofs the ball away which essentially leads to us losing the ball and being back under attack.


Ivanovic just how exactly he got a new contract is beyond me. Someone needs to sell Old Yeller.

Midfield: Pedro and Oscar need to be sold, and generate money for new fresh signings who have a bit more about them. How Pedro started for Barcelona is beyond me! He just seems like a headless Chicken.

Attack: Costa needs to be put on a leash or sold, his conduct on the pitch isn’t how football should be played, and constantly fighting with the opposition isn’t the way to play. Getting under their skin yes, but not the pointless cards!

Signings: Chelsea needs to look at their transfer policy! Huge errors have constantly been made. We have sold players that could have taken us to another level, and replaced them with players who have been sold 6 months later or sent on loan.

The signings of Falcao and Pato should not be happening at a club like Chelsea. Pato has basically come to England for a paid holiday and a free ticket to watch Chelsea play.

Falcao has seen more physios than minutes at Chelsea!

The club need to change their vision if we are to again be a success and win titles otherwise we will have a repeat of this seasons debacle.


In Other News:

Italy trainingAntonio Conte has told Italy he will step down after the Euros which all but seals the fact he will be going to Chelsea.

Hopefully Chelsea will announce this deal ASAP, the guessing is just frustrating everybody.

Jorge Sampioli has claimed that Chelsea offered him the job 1st and then withdrew when decided they wanted Antonio Conte.

Chelsea fans are mad at Hazard. The fans gave him stick for swapping shirts at half time and for coming off injured. They are questioning Hazard’s desire to play for Chelsea…….Hazard played with an injury to try help the team!

Pit of the week:

Exiting Europe and the FA cup in one week which ended our season.

Peak of the week:

If you find one let me know!

Next Fixture: 19/03/16 West Ham (H)

Until Next time……..KTBFFH


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