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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

lana2Monday’s Raw featured the latest chapter in the growing Lana/Brie feud had the Ravishing Russian distracting Brie during her match against Summer Rae, actually leading to Summer winning. Yes, you read that right:  Lana helped Summer Rae (oh, the irony). After the match, Lana delivered a physical assault to Brie, delivering the Bella Buster to the former Divas Champion. Now, I expected physicality from Lana in this thing, but not this soon. We all know that all of this will lead to Lana competing against Brie at WrestleMania in some form or fashion. Lana was supposed to be competing earlier, as she was training to compete last summer, but she injured her wrist.

Later on Raw, the evil Charlotte made her own statement, attacking Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks after their victory over Naomi and Tamina. I swear, each week I get more and more impressed with Charlotte’s villainous character; she’s a better heel now than she was on NXT. I believe this is because the gimmicks are basically handled with care in NXT, while the main shows give them a bit more freedom to do what they want. In any event, Charlotte is definitely shining as the lead villainess of the Divas Division.Charlotte&Ric

Tuesday’s Knockouts action featured Gail Kim successfully defending her Knockouts Championship against Jade, with the bout coming a week after Jade assaulted Gail. While the match was great, I am thankful that this past Tuesday’s Impact was the last one from the UK. We should see more KOs now that the show is back in the Impact Zone in Florida. But even then, the Knockouts Division needs some vast improvements, and by that, I mean more Knockouts! It cannot happen soon enough!

MariposaSpeaking of new faces, we finally saw Mariposa, the evil sister of Marty The Moth, on Lucha Underground the next night! As many fans and viewers know, Mariposa is Cheerleader Melissa’s alter-ego on the show, and she is the one who has been scaring Sexy Star to death in the last few weeks. Also, Taya Valkyrie stepped in the ring and faced off against Cage, who was originally supposed to face Johnny Mundo. Taya was every bit as phenomenal as I expected her to be; I was so happy that I finally got to see her compete. I can’t wait to see more of her and Mariposa in the weeks to come!

SmackDown saw the Brie/Lana angle continue on, with Brie defeating Summer while Lana watched on the announce table. However, Brie experienced the same outcome as she did on Monday, an attack by Lana. Two nights later, WWE Roadblock took place in Toronto, and the Divas match saw Charlotte successfully defend her Divas Championship against Natalya, with the match clearly made because Nattie’s Canadian. It was an excellent match, nonetheless; not exactly the classic they delivered on NXT two years ago, but still spectacular.roadblockC&N

A new week begins tonight, with the countdown to WM continuing! Also, this Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling will see Maria Kanellis make her in-ring debut for TNA, as she and her husband, Mike Bennett, will compete against Gail Kim and Drew Galloway!

Until next week!

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