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“Sir” Marcus Browne may be the United States’ best chance to become the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion of the World one day. Of course, Andre Ward tops the list as the best American light heavyweight right now, but Ward is really a super middleweight who moved up in weight recently for his upcoming fight against Sullivan Barrera. Ward may be undefeated as a super middleweight, but it remains to be seen if his skills will translate to the light heavyweight division. Furthermore, Ward is now 32 years old, which means he may not have a lot of time left at the top of his game.


Fortunately for American fans of the light heavyweight division, Marcus Browne looks like he could be a future superstar. However, it’s difficult to gauge just how good Browne is at this early stage of his career. Browne hasn’t faced a bunch of great competition yet. Gabriel Campillo is the most notable fighter on his resume even though Gabriel Campillo isn’t very notable at all. Browne destroyed Campillo last September by scoring a first round KO with a barrage of powerful body blows.

Marcus Browne v Josh Thorpe

Winning breeds confidence, and Browne doesn’t seem to be lacking in the confidence department. He recently called out the WBC World Light Heavyweight Champion Adonis “Superman” Stevenson, but both fighters know that that fight isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Before Browne can step into the ring with champions like Adonis Stevenson and/or IBF/WBA/WBO unified light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev, he must first prove that he deserves to be there.



Browne has only been boxing as a professional since 2012, so his resume isn’t where it needs to be to warrant a title fight just yet, but he’s definitely moving in the right direction. He has yet to lose a fight, sporting a record of 17-0-0 with 13 of those victories coming by way of knock out, which currently gives him a jaw-dropping 76% knock out rate. He fights from the southpaw stance, and he uses his right jab very effectively. Aside from a solid jab, “Sir” Marcus Browne also possesses good footwork and good patience in the ring, but his best asset is his raw power. This guy can drop an opponent with any punch at any time. He’s only 25 years old, so he’s got lots of time to hone his skills and perhaps one day become a future champion.



On the way down…

Miguel Cotto is still a good boxer, but he is now entering the twilight years of his career. He’s 35 years old and he’s lost as many fights as he’s won since the beginning of 2012 (3-3 over that span). He’s a boxer whose career is on a downward trend.


Cotto has had an excellent career up to this point. He’s the only Puerto Rican fighter in history to win world titles in four different weight classes. He may be the best Puerto Rican fighter ever. He at least deserves to be in the conversation with Wilfred Benitez, Hector Camacho, Wilfredo Gomez, and Félix Trinidad.

cotto punch

Cotto has fans all over the world, not just Puerto Rico. His tremendous heart is one of the main reasons that he is so beloved across the globe. Cotto always brought it to every fight, even the losses. The man simply has no quit and no fear in the ring. After his fight against Floyd Mayweather, Mayweather hugged Cotto and told him, “You are a hell of a champion — the toughest guy I fought.” Seeing as to how the recently retired Mayweather is unquestionably the best pound-for-pound boxer of his generation, that’s extremely high praise.


Mayweather isn’t the only superstar Cotto has stepped into the ring with either. He’s fought and beaten fighters like Zab Judah, Shane Mosley, and Antonio Margarito — he lost to Margarito in their first fight, but he won the rematch. Aside from losing to Margarito and Mayweather, Cotto has also lost to Manny Pacquiao and, most recently, Canelo Álvarez. So when it comes to Cotto fighting the best fighters of his generation, it’s kind of a win some lose some situation for him. Nevertheless, Cotto’s 40-5-0 record with a 73% KO rate speaks for itself. The guy has been absolutely great for the sport of boxing.


He wants to fight again in June, but his opponent is still undecided. Rumors are circulating that his opponent may end up being James Kirkland. He should go ahead and retire now if Kirkland is the best fight he can make at this point because there isn’t enough to gain from that type of fight. He battled his heart out in his last fight against Canelo. There is no shame in going out on a hard fought loss to a high caliber fighter like Canelo, but if he went out on a loss to Kirkland it’s a different story. That would be shameful. What does he gain if he wins? Not a whole lot. The fans don’t want the fight in the first place, so it’s not like he’s going get a lot of added respect for winning that fight. It won’t sell, and there are no titles to be won. Why go down that road? It’s time to for him to walk away now. There’s no one left for him to fight.

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