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OTOGH: Desmond, Gallo & Fielder Oh My!

Well there is a running joke during Spring Training for the Texas Rangers newest LF Ian Desmond since had made 25 innings of work at LF but not a single fly ball until March the 10 when he caught his first, unfortunately it was a short lived victory as he called off Delino Deshields and missed another fly ball soon thereafter. Communication is something that will be fixed before the season starts.

How is Desmond adjusting to being with the Rangers?IanDesmondRangers

According to Ken Rohensal with Fox Sports . While Desmond was upset with how the free agency market turned out for him, he is happy to be with the Rangers and he loves the challenge of left field. He hated the nickname of E-6 which he earned with the Nationals by having the most errors on the Nationals with 27 and 2nd highest in the majors.

“Its refreshing to be on this team, with this group of guys. Its a fun team. Everyone around the game can see that this team has a blast when the play. But they also play extremely fast and they play extremely hard. That kind of fits my game. The last two years, I’ve kind of lacked the fun aspect of it, That’s the void I’ve been trying to fill.”with this, Desmond’s bat has been coming alive. He is hitting 6 for 13 overall during Spring Training. But not just his bat is waking up in the Arizona sun, another Ranger bat has awoken as well.

Now is this your car?

When attending Spring Training you might want to consider taking Uber or parking REALLY REALLY far the stadium and if Joey Gallo is up to bat park REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY far away.

This monster shot was over 400 ft. Joey is really coming together this spring and will be much needed relief for Adrian Beltre to get some much needed off days.

No Sleep for the Mighty Prince

PrinceFielderRangersThe life of a baseball player is hard, night games, then day games, practice, Spring Training add another element going back to work after being off, and most likely a new time zone. This can wreak havoc on anyone’s system, with Prince Fielder he was sent to Arlington to have a sleep study done when his insomnia was out of control. The sleep study came back with very scary results, Fielder stopped breathing  39 times during the night.  STOP BREATHING you read that right. He has a severe case of sleep apnea. This shows that anyone can get this. so please if you are having trouble sleeping please check in with your doctor.

Ranger have already started making cuts to the team, According to Gerry

“Outfielder Patrick Kivlehan, left-hander Yohander Mendez and right-handers Jose Leclerc, and Connor Sadzeck were optioned back to the minor-league camp. The club released non-roster right-hander Steve Johnson”

The Rangers are coming to San AntonioBigLeagueWeekend

There is an exhibition game in San Antonio called Big League Weekend, the Rangers  have given a small list of players scheduled to appear. Derek Holland, Phil Klein, AJ Griffin, Ceasar Ramos, Catcher Robinson Chirinos, CF Delino Deshields, RF Ryan Rua and if healthy 2B Rougned Odor.  This year they are playing the Kansas City Royals, which you can read about at Royally Yours.

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