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Quick Predicts for tonight’s WWE Roadblock

Tonight has the feel of the old Saturday Night Main Event, with WWE superstars in action at WWE’s Roadblock in Toronto. In all honesty, the event should probably be renamed Pit Stop to Wrestlemania. Barring any unforeseen changes to WWE’s plan for Wrestlemania, the outcome of tonight’s matches should be easy to predict. With that, here are some quick predictions for the matches tonight:

Divas Title Match: Charlotte vs Natalya

NataliaCharloteThis match was just added today, likely just to help fill out the card for this evening. Both women are supremely talented wrestlers and their NXT Takeover match from years ago was a classic. We should all be hoping to see another performance like that match in Toronto tonight. With the Divas title Triple Threat match scheduled for Wrestlemania, (between Charlotte, Becky Lynch, & Sasha Banks), there is no way Charlotte loses tonight.

Winner: CharlotteNXTtagteam

NXT Tag Team Titles match: The Revival vs Enzo & Cass

Now this is a hard one to call. While most people assume that Enzo & Cass will be called up to the main roster after Wrestlemania, a short title reign as tag team champions would not totally be out of the question. Let’s not forget that Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks debuted on the main roster as NXT champions also. The Revival has looked great as NXT’s tag team champions and a title change would help further promote Enzo & Cass as a viable force to be reckoned with on the main roster. But a win for them would also alter the card for NXT Takeover in Dallas. Additionally, Roadblock & Wrestlemania are free this year for new subscribers so anything WWE could do here to drive monthly subscriptions to exclusive WWE content, such as NXT, would be a traditional motive for them. Tough call, but I’ll say that the losing streak ends tonight against The Revival and we have new NXT tag team champions.

Winner: Enzo & Cass

WWE Tag Team Titles match: The New Day vs Sheamus & Barrett

The New Day is over with the fans..and then some…and then some more. That’s pretty obvious. So would WWE risk jeopardizing all their merchandise sales from The New Day, just to make an attempt at legitimizing their tag team titles? Would putting the belts on Wade Barrett & Sheamus, 2 behemoths, validate the tag team division moving forward?
Probably not.
However, the ringside antics of Xavier Woods & Rusev should be very entertaining, as well as the match itself.

Winner: The New DayBray-Wyatt-Brock-Lesnar

Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt

The “Eater of Worlds” has become the Eater of Losses over the last few years. This pains me personally as a Bray Wyatt fan. The Wyatt Family could be SO dominant, if properly booked. That being said, this match should be fairly easy to call. Brock will look incredible here and Bray will show glimpses of his creative offense & abilities. But this match screams as a Wyatt family-led disqualification ending.

Winner: Brock Lesnar by DQHHHvsAmbrose

WWE Championship match: HHH vs Dean Ambrose

The main event for Roadblock is what has gained a lot of fans interest tonight. An enormous crowd favorite, Dean Ambrose, with a chance to alter the landscape for Wrestlemania. This could change everything & set the internet on fire tonight!
Remember the reaction when Rousey lost to Holm back in November? McGregor’s last win & most recent loss? Twitter went BEZERK and could you imagine if Dean were to win the title tonight? Oh the publicity…….but it won’t happen.
There is too much at stake at this point for WWE because they’ve (rightly or wrongly) hitched their proverbial wagon to Roman Reigns. A number of circumstances could lead to the finish in this match though.
-Does HHH get disqualified & retain?
-Does Roman Reigns make an appearance, in attempt to alter the outcome?
-One to watch for might be Brock Lesnar. Don’t forget that Ambrose is facing Lesnar in a no-holds barred Street Fight at Wrestlemania…which would be phenomenal if it was for the WWE Championship. That aside, their match at Wrestlemania needs a good guy vs a bad guy. That could be clearly established here, if Brock were to cost Dean the WWE title. Seems like a downer, but it makes sense and let’s be honest it’s more plausible. (sigh)

Winner: HHH

Outcomes aside, this should be a very entertaining evening all around. I’m glad that the WWE is doing this event & hopefully we see a few more in the future, every once in a while.

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