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Smack Talk Review of Smack Down

Hello and welcome to the inaugural edition of Smack Talk! I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to review WWE’s Smack Down every week, here on Cleat Geeks. The reason I’ve called this column “Smack Talk” is because while I have been a pro wrestling fan for more than 25 years now, the ever-growing IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) doesn’t always enjoy WWE’s product. In fact, many have become extremely jaded by the different directions WWE’s creative staff have used with their stars. So, while I will try to be as unbiased as possible, I’m still a fan at heart. However, the payoff for all fans comes around this time of year….on the road to WrestleMania!

3 things we learned from this week’s episode of Smack Down:

1.) RoadblockSomething should be happening at Roadblock this Saturday that will either affect or enhance the WrestleMania card. There are 3 WWE title matches & 1 NXT title match. All could have major implications & through out this episode of Smack Down, we were constantly reinforced by that message. While all 4 title matches should be entertaining, especially the NXT tag title match, most interest will lie on the WWE title match between HHH vs. Dean Ambrose. This could be an opportunity for WWE to reshape its main event at WrestleMania, or another roundabout way to try and get Roman Reigns cheered by the fans…if he makes an appearance. No matter what happens, kudos to WWE for televising this event on a Saturday night. Many of us have been accustomed to usually seeing UFC fights on Saturday nights and this reminds me of the old Saturday Night Main Event that I used to watch, when it was still called WWF. Curiosity and intrigue running wild, many fans will be “couching it” this Saturday night!

We will be live Tweeting our opinions, reactions and a poll question or two during the WWE Event Roadblock tonight. Feel free to comment, give your opinion and vote @cleatgeeks on Twitter.


2.) Sami Zayn debuted on Smack Down!! Yes, the well-traveled NXT superstar finally made his Smack Down debut on television & did not disappoint. He was both extremely relaxed and very funny on MizTV. The entire segment with Kevin Owens & Adrian Neville was incredible. The match that followed was also fantastic. Match of the night in my opinion. No surprise that Neville, Owens, & Zayn were phenomenal in the match. They all have a history at NXT, so the chemistry really showed in the match. Very little wasted movement, creative offense, well timed counters, very few botched moves, & played to the crowd extremely well. Fans really enjoyed this match. I’ve always been a fan of Miz, but I was surprised at how well he gelled with the other 3 in this match. In my opinion, Kevin Owens has assumed Seth Rollins’ role as the most antagonizing heel performer in the WWE right now. Owens walked out on the Miz near the end of this match & Zayn pinned Miz, for his first televised win on either Raw or Smack Down. Set the table for challengers to the Intercontinental Belt going forward. Great start to this episode!

JerichoStylesSmackdown3.) The explanation to the split of Y2AJ. Many fans saw this coming, since Jericho works half a year at the most and WWE didn’t outspend NJPW, TNA, & ROH just to make A.J. Styles a tag team member. While the Jericho heel turn was anticipated, the explanation for it was what intrigued us. I personally have always liked Jericho as a heel, I think he does his best work when he doesn’t have placate to the masses. (i.e. the redundant entrance, corny jokes, etc.) This was an example of why I love his heel persona. Jericho explained that Styles is the new guy, but everyone chants for him? Instead of Jericho, a 17 year veteran in the WWE? He feels disrespected & unappreciated by WWE fans (gasp!) and gets a fantastic negative response throughout this segment. Jericho ends the segment by lighting a Y2AJ shirt on fire, dropping it in a trash can, and while the shadow of flames show on his face, leads into a condescending slow AJ Styles chant. Epic.

That’s it for Smack Talk this week, thanks for reading.

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