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3 Impacts From Impact (March 8, 2016)

Last night was the last of the taped episodes of Impact Wrestling emanating from the UK. It was a huge night on the program, and here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

  1. AngleLashley (1)The story of the entire UK tour was Kurt Angle, who was on his farewell tour and competed in his last match for TNA against Bobby Lashley. This match was made over a month ago, and it had Lashley vowing to beat Angle, which he did after delivering three spears to Angle. After the match ended, there was a show of respect between the two, but that was ruined when Lashley decked Angle and then delivered a fourth spear to him. Drew Galloway and Eddie Edwards (more on the latter later) entered in defense of Angle, but they were taken down by Lashley, who later delivered a fifth spear to Angle. He would later engaged in a staredown with the incoming Ethan Carter III before leaving. Lashley’s heel turn had been in the works since January, most likely since Raquel debuted and encountered him backstage. Chances are the two of them could be aligned together after this.
  2. I mentioned Eddie Edwards in my first point. The night featured three title matches, with the KOTM, Knockouts, and Tag Team Championships being defended. Regarding the tag titles, the Wolves lost the titles to Beer Money, but more detrimental than that, Davey Richards suffered an injury, which was actually reported weeks before the episode aired. Davey’s injury is the latest blow to the Wolves, as they were hit with that blow last year and had to surrender their tag titles because of it. It was obviously why Eddie was alone in confronting Lashley later on. The Wolves have been my favorite tag team in TNA as of late, so I was devastated when I read that news about Davey’s injury. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Davey, and for The Wolves to return to the top once again.
  3. EliDrakecaseGrado made a lasting impact last night as he again crashed Impact to make good on his promise to deliver proof that he should not have been fired and that he was screwed in the Feast or Fired briefcase reveal. He was again encountered by Eli Drake (who holds the KOTM Title case) and Jesse Godderz, who beat down Grado. Mahabali Shera’s attempt to make things even fell short, but Grado gained the upper hand after Eli accidentally struck Jesse with his case. After what looked like an “RKO outta nowhere” from Grado, he later took off with Eli’s KOTM Title briefcase. The fact that he did that tells me something that I had a feeling occurred. I think it’s going to come out that Eli originally had the “Fired” case, and he switched cases with Grado.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week will be big, as they are back in the Impact Zone with a live episode, which will see Matt Hardy and EC3 clash for the World Title again, while Jeff Hardy returns to get his hands on EY. Until then!

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