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South Side Salutations; Will the Newest Addition Help?

Sunday the White Sox Signed Austin Jackson to a 1 year $5 million dollar deal, with this deal it gives Robin a lot of flexibility  with what he can do in his outfield. GM Rick Hahn said that Jackson will play primarily in Center Field Moving Eaton to right or left. The likely idea is moving Eaton to right and have Avi fight for DH at bats with Laroche.Austin Jackson

Another possibility could be Melky Cabrera losing his starting job in left field (with Eaton moving there), but his larger contract and relative success offensively last season might give him a better shot to hold on to his job than Garcia has. Garcia if he shows no offense improvement may assume a bench roll.  Today in spring training Avi hit a huge HR and the offense scored 10 runs so we are hoping this keeps up as we break camp and come north.

I am starting to be very happy of the newest additions to our team Narvarro, Avila, Frazier, Lawrie, Latos and even Jimmy Rollins. Narvarro and Avila are going to be great additions to the catcher position last year Tyler Flowers was Okay defensively along with Geo Gonzalez. I was quite happy when we signed these new catchers and I am hoping they will be a great addition to the team for the catcher’s position.

ToddFrazierSoxTodd Frazier whom the White Sox got from a trade earlier in the season is slowly turning into the leader we need as it seems he is enjoying himself right now on the south side. He is the protection that Jose Abreu needs in the lineup hopefully he spring into that leadership role we lacked last season. Having Lawrie as a true 3rd basemen whom we also got in a trade this season is really gonna pump the offense up as well. Today in the spring training game even Jimmy Rollins got some hits, I am hoping he will the veteran presence we need, it is becoming more evident that he will be making the team and being our SS on opening day. It seems right now that the Sox have signed the 2007 Rollins and for this fan I am hoping it is true.

Mat Latos still has some mechanics he needs to work on and Don Cooper I am quite sure he is working with him on those issues so that he can be the pitcher before the injuries. Eric Johnson is doing well in Spring training, and John Danks is having his issues of giving up runs so hopefully Mat latos can be the person we want him to be.

As of Right now I am quite happy we got these players, I am really hoping they make a difference in this season and we become a wild card team at the end of the season. I think if we signed Cesepedes we probably wouldn’t have most of these players right now. I am glad Hahn didn’t overpay for these players because if they don’t work out we didn’t give up draft picks nor did we spend alot of money. I am excited for the season to start to see what we have in store.

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