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5 Things We Learned From RAW

1.) Here comes the change Here come the change

Shane McMahon would kick off Raw and shoot on how he would change the WWE to much delight of the crowd. All of a sudden “GONG” ITS THE …. Vince McMahon playing games with Shane. Vince would come out with a picture of him and Shane going to their first wrestling event. Vince would throw it on the ground and call security. Shane would go MMA on all the security sending a message not only to his father but The Undertaker would maybe was watching.


2.) Steen vs. Generico

It would be Kevin Owens vs. Neville in a highly competitive non title match. This match had the feel of a championship match. Neville had Owens down and hit a Phoenix Splash onto Owens for a two count. After Owens would get a roll up win. Neville would argue with the referee and K.O would attack. Owens would see Neville on the outside and set him up for a Powerbomb on the apron but O-LA O-LA O-LA O-LA O-LA
SAMI WOULD APPEAR ON RAW AND THE TWO WOULD GO AT IT. Zayn would clear the ring with Owens retreating. Please WWE don’t screw up with what NXT made great.



3.) Y2… AJ

I hate using this word but this match was awesome. It would be The New Day vs. Chris Jericho and Aj Styles. I was on the edge on my seat and it was so many time Y2AJ could win but in a great match The New Day would be victorious. It would be Aj and Chris in the ring helping each other up …. CODEBREAKER TO AJ
ANOTHER ONE AND ANOTHER ONE. Chris Jericho has fully turned also stuffing their Y2AJ shirts which you could probably find on for cheap now in Aj’s mouth. Huge statement.



4.) Looney Tune

Dean Ambrose told Triple H he could ” Suck it” that tells you all you need to know.
It would be Bray Wyatt vs. Ambrose in the main event and of course at the end the Wyatt family would interfere. Triple H would come out and nod to Bray good job. Bray would step in front of Triple H’s face and rub the WWE World Title. After the ring was clear Triple H would clear the announce table. Trips would slide back in and DIRTY DEEDS FROM AMBROSE. Ambrose would stand tall with the title in his hands at the end of the show.




I’m guessing WWE knows Philadelphia and Chicago would boo him out the building so might as well not show up.

(Insert picture of everyone thanking Jesus.)

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