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Women’s Wrestling Wrap Up

Welcome to the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in the past week in women’s wrestling, beginning with last Monday’s Raw.

lanaThe anticipated #1 Contender’s match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch took place on the first ever Leap Day Raw, and as I expected, the match ended without a result, as both Divas pinned each other. More on them later. More Divas action took place later on, as Brie Bella faced Naomi, but before that, Lana resurfaced and interrupted Brie’s interview segment. Many viewers were expecting Lana to appear, mainly because Raw emanated from Nashville, which is where Lana and Rusev reside. As for the segment, the evil Lana mocked Brie as well as her now retired husband Daniel Bryan, and the mocking continued after Brie was defeated by Naomi. Many are saying that this could lead to an actual match between Brie and Lana at WM, which would mark Lana’s first time competing. Lana was training to wrestle last summer, but she suffered a wrist injury while doing so.

The following evening’s Impact Wrestling saw Gail Kim call out Maria Kanellis over her actions at Lockdown. Gail was looking for a fight, but all she received was more rhetoric from the self-proclaimed First Lady of Wrestling. At that moment, Gail went right after Maria, only to be blindsided by Jade, who let Gail know that she wants the Knockouts Championship. It was at the Lockdown special that Jade pinned Gail in the Lethal Lockdown match, and a title encounter was officially set for this upcoming Tuesday.kobra-moon

Wednesday saw Santana Garrett return to NXT and compete in a losing effort against Emma, while Eva Marie and Nia Jax were placed in a tag team bout against Bayley and Asuka, which I assume will happen at WWE Roadblock rather than the next NXT. Lucha Underground featured a rare all-luchadora match, as Kobra Moon defeated Sexy Star. I am really loving Kobra Moon; she’s very phenomenal and she plays her character to a T. But my one problem is that we do not know where Kobra Moon is a heroine or a villainess, so that needs to be established. I was disappointed that I didn’t see Cheerleader Melissa this past Wednesday; hopefully she’ll appear this week.

3wayWomensMatchSo we saw a Sasha/Becky rematch on SmackDown, and again, nothing was decided. It was a terrific match, no question, but while both Divas were outside the ring, the evil Charlotte attacked both women, which caused the match to be thrown out. Charlotte boasted about her actions while being interviewed by Renee Young, but her boasting was kiboshed after she was told that she would defend the title at WM against both Becky and Sasha, which is what WWE planned all along. Which brings me to my gripe:  the rematch was not necessary. We all knew that the Triple Threat was going to happen. After the double pin on Raw, the match should have been announced then. The rematch on SD was a waste, it didn’t need to happen.

A new week begins tonight, with the build up to the WM Triple Threat match. Until next week!

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