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The Eagles are all about the Future

The Eagles are cleaning house.  And while it looks bad now, the logic behind it gives you no reason to be in awe.

The Eagles have traded away three starters from last season: Demarco Murry, Kiko Alonso, and Super Bowl wining CB Byron Maxwell.

ap-kiko-alonso-eagles_1The Eagles traded Alonso and Maxwell to the Dolphins for draft compensation. Maxwell signed a six-year, $63 million dollar contract last offseason but did not prove to be the No. 1 cornerback.  Alonso battled injury last season, putting up a season low in tackles with 43 and only one interception.

This is an instant upgrade for the Miami defense. Last season, the Dolphins ranked 25th in total defense and struggled against both the run and the pass. The Dolphins already have an established CB in Brett Grimes, who had 49 tackles and 4 INTs last season. Maxwell will become their other CB and mostly be matched up against the other team’s best WR due to his height advantage over Grimes.

Kiko Alonso, former second round pick by the Buffalo Bills, will help solidify the linebacker crew. He will also be a big help in pass coverage and stopping the run.

The Eagles are cleaning house and it’s all in the right sense. Chip Kelly tried to build the team up but it did not pan out.  With Kelly gone and Pederson in, the team seems to be headed in a different direction. The Eagles seem to be in rebuild mode and they have all the right reasons to.

Everyone in their division wants to win now. Tony Romo is heading toward the end of his career but does he have one last run in him? Eli Manning is 35 years old, but will OBJ and the return of Victor Cruz give Eli one last shot at the title. The Washington Redskins are coming off a successful season and have placed their franchise tag on Kirk Cousins.

Sam-BradfordNot saying the Eagles will not put up a fight next season or in 2017 but it is going to take some time. The Eagles need to put some good drafts together and rebuild the roster. Their first move was resigning Sam Bradford. Next, they have started to ship out the players that don’t fit what they are trying to do, no matter how big the name may be. Everyone else in the NFC East wants to win now.  The Eagles have a young coach in Doug Pederson and they are in rebuilding mode so they are ready to take over the division once Romo and Manning are done.

That seems to be why they are so quick to action to start off free agency. Doug Pederson brings a new feel and a new mentality to the Eagles, something which Chip Kelly did but failed to put together consistent results.

By 2018, the Eagles should be ready to contend for the Super Bowl. These next two seasons are huge in finding a young RB, examining if Bradford is their QB, and signing young veterans in free agency and drafting college athletes that can contribute right away.  And these trades were announced  before the league year officially starts on Wednesday. Do not be surprised if the Eagles make some more moves, for it is all business with Pederson at the reins.

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