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Ginobili Back, Popovich Out

     The San Antonio Spurs are welcoming Manu Ginobili back from his Testicle Injury and surgery, but have to say goodbye to head coach Greg Popovich in the process. Popovich will miss the Spurs next two games due to a family medical situation. Assistant Coach Ettore Messina will handle all coaching duties while Popovich is absent. With all the commotion, the San Antonio Spurs are business as usual. Players such as David West have stated to Bleacher Report that “It won’t change things.”manu-ginobili-vs-thunder-ap
38 year old Manu Ginobili has come back from testicle surgery, and Manu’s first game back was against the Sacramento Kings. His Return could not have come at a better time, with Duncan and Green sitting that night (Rest), and PF LaMarcus Aldridge out with a migraine headache. Manu came back with little to no rust, Playing 15 solid minutes, scoring 22 points, 13 of which, came in the third quarter. Ginobili was 8 for 11 from the field. Those 22 points were a season high for the Guard.

Photo by Dan Lippitt/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Dan Lippitt/NBAE via Getty Images

Kings Reserve Guard Daren Collison mentioned to ESPN that “it was kind of unexpected,” referring to how quickly M. Ginobili got into the flow of the game. Kawhi Leonard added a double-double, with 25 points, 13 rebounds, and he threw in 6 assists. The Spurs went on to win the game 104-94 to move to 30-0 at home in the AT&T Center. With the win over the Kings the Spurs had won their eighth straight game, and are playing some of their best basketball all season. Back to M. Ginobili, coming back and playing this well after a gruesome injury, is not uncommon. But doing so, this quickly is phenomenal. Ginobili will provide a much needed scoring surge for the upcoming games against the shooting Golden State Warriors.
San Antonio Opens up this week’s action on the road in Indianapolis, Indiana facing a 33-30 Pacers team currently holding on to the 7th playoff spot in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Next is a trip to the Land of 10,000 Lakes to take on the fading TimberWolves. These will be the games in which Popovich will be absent. Thursday, March 10th, back to the AT&T center, and back to normal, for a five game home stand which includes 5 playoff teams. Starting with the Chicago Bulls, ending with a show down #1 vs #2. In between Chicago and Golden St. are key NBA Western Conference playoff teams, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, and the Portland Trail Blazers. If San Antonio can manage to stay unbeaten on this home stand, they have a serious shot at finishing the season perfect at home, in the AT&T Center. No NBA team has ever gone unbeaten at home throughout a season, but both Golden State and San Antonio have opportunities to do so.
SpursVSwarriorsSaturday March 19th, 2016 will be the day of the NBA showdown between the #1 Warriors and the #2 overall Spurs. San Antonio has not played Golden State up to their potential yet this season. Losing 120-90 earlier this season. And fans around the league look forward to this one. The Spurs have the best defensive unit in the NBA, look for San Antonio to use their deep bench to rotate fresh legs in the game early and often. D.West will have to step up huge on the defensive end as well as Aldridge. As these will be the players are to defend D. Green who has advanced his game for the Warriors this season. As a fan, you can sit in front on the TV for two and a half hours (probably less) and watch two of the best teams in NBA history go at it (in terms of records at home).
San Antonio is still having one of the best seasons in NBA history. They still have a shot at winning more then 72. Yes, that probably will not happen, but the record at home is still prefect. That being said the Spurs are still my favorite to push the Warriors to elimination in the Playoffs, because they have the tools to do so. The Spurs are the best Defense in the association. The Spurs are still top 3 in the NBA in assists per game, top 10 in points per game, and also right outside the top ten in rebounding at 11th. This team has all the ingredients to make a championship run, and upset the historic season of the Golden State Warriors, by de-throning them in the playoffs.

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